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14 Best Referral Management Tools for Enterprises in 2024
Sylwester Karnuszewicz
Sylwester Karnuszewicz
January 4, 2024
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14 Best Referral Management Tools for Enterprises in 2024

The expectations regarding a referral program differ depending on the scale of a business and the audience. Local grocery stores may run their referral programs with great success, but they would be much different than a referral program of a company at an enterprise level. The difference lies in scale (and scalability).

Enterprises need more than a mere creator app to successfully run (and maintain) a referral program that would bring the expected results. They need stable, reliable, and flexible referral management software.

What is referral management software?

Referral management software is a solution used by businesses to create, run, maintain and improve referral programs. What are the typical functionalities of referral management software?

  • Creating single- and double-sided referral programs with multiple tiers.
  • Defining successful referral criteria.
  • Managing reward system.
  • Segmenting referrals and customizing referral programs.
  • Omnichannel messaging.
  • Protecting from referral fraud and tracking referrals.

Headless architecture for referral programs

Headless approach means separating the frontend and backend. In headless software the communication between back- and front-end takes place via API. Companies using the headless ecommerce or headless CMS, gain the flexibility that allows them to quickly and effectively adapt to the ever-changing market trends. That’s why headless approach had become very popular in the enterprise sector, where scalability and adaptability are very much valued.

monolith vs headless approach diagram

Referral programs for enterprises – expectations and challenges

There’s a significant difference between a perfect referral solution if you’re running an enterprise business. Certain expectations need to be met – without them, the referral program won’t work well enough. Check the list below and see if it matches the expectations of your enterprise business:

  • Product assortment – different versions of a product available, so the enterprise buyer can select the most suitable.
  • SSO – single sign-on means that the enterprise company should have the opportunity to manage its users from a central directory instead of being forced to switch between software.
  • Audit logs – the detailed tracking of account (and its users) activity is vital for enterprise businesses – it allows preventing fraud and detecting suspicious activities.
  • Role-based access control – assigning different roles to multiple account users keeps work in order. Usually, there are few access levels, but ideally enterprise customers should be able to create custom access levels.
  • Change management – allowing customers to introduce application level and account level changes is one of the most desired enterprise-level features.
  • Product security – software security is a top priority for enterprise businesses. Not providing a secure environment basically equals disqualification to any software vendor.
  • Deployment options – enterprise customers require flexibility in development, such as private instances of the application or dedicated clusters for handling their critical projects.
  • Team management – this feature allows the software to be used collaboratively with coworkers. This should include: inviting users, removing users, creating and editing their profiles, and so on.
  • Integrations – the ability to integrate the referral management system with POS, CRMs, or other tools of your choice is vital – especially if the referral software doesn’t offer native integrations.
  • Reporting & analytics – detailed tracking and reporting makes the value from using software visible and demonstrable.
  • SLA and support – enterprise companies are responsible for hundreds of operations of great value daily. There’s no time to wait for a response – that’s why many enterprises require priority support and/or dedicated Engineers or Advisors.
  • GDPR, ISO, and CCPA compliance – legal issues should be the last of enterprise customer concerns, so making sure that the referral management software you’ve found is reliable (is GDPR-compliant, ISO certified and so on) seems like a must.

These features aren’t everything you should consider while choosing the right software for your organization. Instead, think of the challenges your company faces and could face in the future – here are a few examples:

  • Lack of personalization – there are dozens of ways a company can execute a referral program, from setting up various rewards to designing custom referral actions that fit your organization's and audience's profile. Keep that in mind while talking with sales teams – the default solutions might work well now, but the personalization options should always be available, especially for enterprise customers.
  • Mobile readiness – even if your company doesn't need a mobile referral program right now, there's a solid chance it will show up in your area of interest in the coming years. Make sure the software you choose provides mobile features that can be used if needed.
  • Lengthy preparations – big companies often struggle with a lack of speed when it comes to implementing new things, such as referral programs. Find out if the referral software company can set up and launch your referral program quickly enough for your needs.
  • Limited referrals – you'll sleep peacefully knowing no additional costs depend on the number of referrals. Even if your customer base isn't extensive, the referral program you're just considering might change it drastically, and if it does, paying extra for additional referrals would be painful.

All those challenges are easy-to-beat if you have proper software – the one with a flexible and dev-friendly API. As scrolling through thousands of propositions in Google search can be a tedious and exhausting process, I’m here to show you 14 enterprise-oriented referral management software examples with their strong and weak sides, genuine reviews and pricing (if available).

Enterprise referral management software comparison

1. Referral Rock

Referral Rock is a solution for those who need to improve their referral marketing and take some burden off of the development team. Enterprise companies will surely appreciate having a dedicated customer success manager. What other features are worth noticing?

Referral Rock website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Priority support – though it slowly becomes a standard feature, priority support (if executed fairly) is still of value, especially for enterprise customers. Referral Rock promises a dedicated customer success manager to each customer on their highest plan.
  • SLA – Referral Rock claims to provide service level agreements as well as written contracts for customers, who decide to commit to the company for at least 12 months.
  • White-labeled – no Referral Rock branding should be visible for Established Business plan customers.

Strong and weak points:

Tracking is straightforward, users can easily understand how many referrals they've made, and you can track all rewards pending and given. But the most important feature to me was its connectivity to HubSpot. – Evan W. via G2
There are several places where functionality just isn't quite seamless - I can ALMOST do what I need to do, but not quite. Features such as limited custom fields, awkward formatting, lacking conversion script instructions, etc made the set up process frustrating. I switched to this software so I wouldn't have to take so many shortcuts with our referral program and I feel like I'm having to hack my way into getting it to do what I need it to do. – Amber A. via Capterra


  • Starter plan – $200 monthly
  • Growth plan – $400 monthly
  • Established Business plan – $800 monthly
  • Additional 10,000 members of a referral program – $125 monthly
  • More than 100,000 members require individual contact

2. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is a solution dedicated to ecommerce businesses. It allows companies to create referral programs, manage all the word-of-mouth marketing activities, and integrate with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento.

ReferralCandy website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Custom integrations – integrate ReferralCandy with any tool of your choice, making sure that you won’t have to change your processes drastically.
  • Unlimited campaigns – for Enterprises, scalability is a must-have feature – that’s exactly why ReferralCandy users, who decided to subscribe for an Enterprise plan, can create as many campaigns as they need.
  • Review with a consultant – not sure if you’re walking in the right direction? Discuss your referral program results with a consultant provided by ReferralCandy.

Strong and weak points:

This referral program is a big hit with our customers. It's very customer and user friendly so that's a win for both parties. The dashboard is very easy to navigate and the features are great. – Lynn T. via Capterra
Unfortunately there were quite a lot of technical issues before I could start working with it. Also I find the monthly price that will be charged after the trial quite high since it is not only that but also the percentage that is taken off the referrals that are made. – Linda S. via Capterra


  • Premium – $59 monthly + up to 5% commission fee
  • Plus – $299 monthly + 1.5% commission fee
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

Users can save up to 20% if they choose the annual plan, instead of a monthly subscription.

3. Mention Me

Mention Me is an advocacy-first referral & customer retention marketing software offering 15 reward types and even more sharing methods for their customers.

Mention Me website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Referral Intelligence – a Mention Me original method of improving collected data with auto-generated insights.
  • Multichannel referral programs – Mention Me allows its customers to run their referral programs across multiple channels simultaneously.

Strong and weak points:

The software creates a smooth customer journey. It, for the most part fits seamlessly into our website making it look native to us which is vital for a referral programme. We have seen positive results since the implementation of Mention Me, opening up the opportunity to scale and grow. – Alexandra T. via Capterra
The software is unable to provide solutions for companies of different sizes. – Mirco H. via Capterra



4. GrowSurf

GrowSurf is a referral program software dedicated for tech companies – IT startups, enterprises, fintech businesses, SaaS and so on. It focuses primarily on customer acquisition automation.

GrowSurf website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Little engagement from the customer required – GrowSurf promises that it needs only three kickoff calls to make your referral program up and running.
  • Maximum speed – one week only is needed to launch the referral program.
  • Fixed pricing – for up to 300,000 referral program participants.

Strong and weak points:

I love how easy it is to configure your program, the setup goes through easy to understand steps with helpful hints - the entire setup of the program took me about a day and I needed minimal help from a developer (just adding some code to a few pages) which was great.– Gabriella D. via Capterra
The functionality is a bit limited (however I am at the starter plan), it would be nice to be able to customize the emails sent to participants and referrals within the Growsurf application. Currently you need Zapier for a few things, which is fine, but would be nice to be able to do it all through one platform! – Gabriella D. via Capterra


Self-service software:

  • Startup – $200 monthly
  • Business – $400 monthly
  • Elite – $600 monthly

Done-for-you solution

  • Custom pricing

5. Voucherify

Voucherify is a fully-fledged promotion engine allowing its customers to create and manage referral programs, loyalty programs, cart-level promotions, issue personalized discount coupons, and much more – all the incentives can be used together, so Voucherify users don’t have to acquire separate tools for loyalty programs, gift cards and so on.

Note: this is our product.

Voucherify website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • ISO 27001 certified – to ensure that your business data is safe and secure, Voucherify achieved a ISO/IEC 27001 certification.
  • 99.99% uptime and dedicated AWS clusters – traffic spikes are not a threat with almost-maximum availability and the opportunity to create a separate cluster in Amazon Web Services.
  • Scalable pricing – instead of paying for the features (they might actually not need), in Voucherify users pay for their API usage.
  • Free tier – Voucherify is the only referral management software for enterprises to provide a free plan – try and test as long as you like!
  • Rich API – with dozens of endpoints and well-prepared documentation, Voucherify API is easy to use and saves lots of time of the development team.

Strong and weak points:

Easy to use, Great dashboards and reports, perfect API Documentation, great development experience. – Daniel E. via Capterra
Tool is very powerful, so the UI can be a little overwhelming during the first few sessions.– Simon S. via Capterra


  • Free – $0
  • Startup – $169 monthly
  • Growth – $399 monthly
  • Professional – $599 monthly
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

6. SaaSquatch

SaaSquatch is a digital marketing platform built around advocacy marketing – specifically loyalty and referral programs. Focused on B2B and B2C companies across SaaS, Finance and Media industries.

Saaquatch website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Remote one-on-one training – SaaSquatch Enterprise customers may experience a truly individual approach, when it comes to getting the most out of the platform.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support – knowing that businesses with global reach need it, SaaSquatch provides service for multiple languages and any currency.
  • Custom reward triggers – encourage any customer behavior you find suitable instead of being limited to basic triggers, such as purchase or sign-up.

Strong and weak points:

Locating participants is relatively easy (although I find there are still improvements to be made). we're now able to flag or block referrals based on a couple different fields that screen for fraud. integrated ability to add/take away rewards in your own native backend/admin system.– Meagan M. via Capterra
There's just a lot of unnecessary clicks in here. good example is when trying to identify *why* a referee has not received their reward, you gotta approach from a specific route. language in the platform is often confusing - "manage participant" is vague. – Meagan M. via Capterra


  • Referral – $1,750
  • Loyalty – $1,750
  • Lifecycle – custom pricing

7. Extole

If you’re looking for a referral management software dedicated only for the biggest, Extole is one of them. Though pricing is hidden, users mention a $3,500 starting price. Keep in mind, though, that the price depends on your company needs, so it might be much different in your case.

Extole website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Advocate profiles – using first-party-data and social media, Extole is able to create profiles of perfect referrers. Track their referral actions and get to know what makes them so great at advocating.
  • Share specific items – Extole provides a feature which allows sharing not the brand as a whole, but a specific item with an advocate's ID.
  • Detecting and preventing fraud – the ability to set custom referral program rules makes it easy to detect and fight low quality referrals.

Strong and weak points:

Extole provides amazing services to our brand, diligently and proactively making recommendations and working to provide the ultimate experience for Refer a Friend for our websites. Super easy to use, make updates, and gather metrics.– Brooke S. via Capterra
There's definitely a learning curve when learning the interface and reporting features! – Kayla C. via Capterra



8. Buyapowa

Buyapowa is a refer-a-friends software with a strong focus on keeping the interest of referrers on a high level by incentivizing them continuously.

Buyapowa website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • AB testing – the launch of a referral program is more or less a blind shot – what makes referral programs work is adjusting and improving them after the launch. With AB testing feature, it’s so much easier and reliable.
  • Email from your domain – Buyapowa is fully white-labeled and customizable, emails included.
  • Multiple sharing options – private sharing, social media sharing, personalizable links for referrers – there’s no end to what Buyapowa offers in terms of sharing.

Strong and weak points:

The software is really easy to use and was very flexible to some of our demands. Our ambition is one click share and the platform has allowed us to do this in some of our referral incentives. – Ryan L. via Capterra
Implementation of back-end APIs are difficult in a large corporation. – Beth W. via Capterra



9. Influitive

Influitive is the customer engagement platform designed to work best with customer-oriented B2B enterprises. Apart from general engagement, other ares of interest for Influitive are: word-of-mouth marketing, community management, customer success and employee advocacy.

Influitive website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Gamification – creating a strong customer engagement has never been easier – with gamification features referring customers becomes much more fun!
  • Referral landing pages – fully customizable landing pages for referrers help in gathering more relevant first-party-data to use in the future.

Strong and weak points:

As a marketer, this helped turn customers into advocates by making it easy to incent them to share our social media posts, give recommendations, customer quotes and referrals. – Michelle S. via Capterra
In less than a year we have filed probably over 20 bugs - most of which support ignores. The most common response we get is "it will fix itself eventually." While they have an API, it's very random and not well designed. – Mike S. via Capterra


  • Customer Advocacy – $1,499
  • Digital Community – custom pricing

10. Friendbuy

As a loyalty and referral management software, Friendbuy allows its customers to run and optimize their campaigns in a matter of hours with templates and assets libraries. Strongly focused on DTC and ecommerce.

Friendbuy website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Real-time analytics – no time to waste when it comes to data – Friendbuy offers in-depth tracking and analytics available the minute you launch the referral program.
  • GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA – data security and privacy are Friendbuy’s top priorities. The math  is simple here: the more short names appear on their website, the less concern for their customers.

Strong and weak points:

It's an easy way to incentivize and encourage customers to spread the word and refer your brand. And easy to use on the customer's end also, for both those referring your brand and those receiving the referral. – Erin L. via Capterra
The level of customization available is fairly low, which made it difficult to add FriendBuy to our website in a seamless and on-brand way. Pricing is on the expensive side compared to some of its competitors. – Erin L. via Capterra


  • Starter – $249
  • Deluxe – $749
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

11. Genius Referrals

Genius Referrals offers referral marketing automation and transformation of customers into vocal brand advocates. The Genius Referrals offer is designed for B2B and B2C companies and enterprises across SaaS and Retail industries.

Genius Referrals website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Influencer marketing support – Genius Referrals takes the referral programs to a higher level with influencer marketing solutions: unique share URLs, customized promo codes, and custom social links.
  • In-house employee referral programs – automatic bonuses and tiered campaigns motivate employees to spread the word about the product they know best.
  • Flexible pricing – four basic plans and fully customizable Enterprise plan makes it easy to try and test Genius Referrals without overspending.

Strong and weak points:

I like the high levels of customization that I had in setting up our campaign, and the responsiveness of the team to integrate and adapt to our needs. The API connection with MailChimp is also really helpful and we were able to request every custom data point from new users that we needed when they registered. – Katlin H. via Capterra  
Genius Referrals was really helpful in selling this software to me. Once I started the free trial there was no support. When you click on the chat function, they get back to you hours later with one sentence answers. The process of getting this up and running on our website has taken so long that the free trial is about to expire. – Sandra B. via Capterra


  • Starter – $59
  • Silver – $165
  • Gold – $263
  • Platinum – $519
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

All the prices are valid with yearly commitment.

12. Rewardful

The shortest description of Rewardful goes like: a SaaS company allowing SaaS companies to create referral and affiliate programs using Stripe integration.

Rewardful website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Lightning-fast setup – Rewardful claims that the setup takes around 15 minutes thanks to Stripe integration.
  • Custom agreement – knowing that enterprises are all about customization, Rewardful is open to create custom agreements with their most valuable customers.
  • Private, invite-only campaigns – create locked campaigns for the most valuable and appreciated customers.

Strong and weak points:

I like that our affiliates can easily view their conversions and leads. It's easy to create campaigns, move affiliates from one campaign to another, and invite others to join.
Anonymous via G2
It's a bit of an inconvenience that users cannot pay their affiliates' commissions through Rewardful. You have to do this outside of Rewardful. I also wish there was a way to create and assign discount codes directly in the platform. – Anonymous via G2


  • Performance – $29
  • Starter – $49
  • Growth – $99
  • Enterprise – $299
  • Custom plan – custom pricing

13. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals is a referral management software for both small and large businesses, regardless of the industry they work in.

InviteReferrals website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Spam prevention system – InviteReferrals automatically detects and informs its customers about spam referrals and other suspicious activities inside their referral programs.
  • Role-based collaboration – Assign roles to your teammates and make sure everyone has their part in creating and maintaining referral programs.
  • Custom developments – Enterprise customers may count on InviteReferrals development team in terms of developing custom solutions just for them.

Strong and weak points:

The tool is cost-effective and delivers good results. We definitely recommend it to others. The customer service is reliable too. – Wesley M. via Capterra
As a newbie, we find the documentation inadequate. Each time, we're reaching out to customer support. – James M. via Capterra  


  • Basic – $79
  • Standard – $199
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

All the prices are valid with yearly commitment.

14. Birdeye

An all-in-one customer experience platform offering listings, reviews and referrals. It is designed for businesses of all sizes striving to strengthen their online presence and to acquire new customers.

Birdeye website

Enterprise features highlights:

  • Instant notifications – engage the hottest referrals without wasting time thanks to Birdeye instant notification system.
  • Surveys, ticketing and insights – these features allow Birdeye users to effectively nurture their customers and referrals.
  • Over 1,000 integrations with CRMs and apps – if your company uses any external app, there’s a good chance Birdeye has an integration with it!

Strong and weak points:

The live chat capability is great and easy to use especially if you have multiple locations. I used the software to develop and send customer satisfaction surveys. This function is great however when the results come in and the data is compiled there can definitely be improvement in the presentation aspect of it. – Evan C. via Capterra
As stated above I was a bit disappointed with the results data from the surveys I sent out to customers. When using a rating scale system they compile the data and create graphs etc. however they are very hard to read let alone present in a meeting. This function can definitely be improved. – Evan C. via Capterra


Theoretically available, but requires sharing a lot of company data. I honestly tried to fill the form and share with you the pricing estimation, but it kept on rejecting my phone number (and any other phone number i’ve tried) for some reason.


With the above list of 14 enterprise referral management software, I hope you’ll be able to select the one that would work best for your company. While the features are often alike, take the quoted reviews (all of them are from the verified users, according to Capterra and G2) into consideration, take your time to browse through the API documentations, and analyze their pricings.

Unfortunately, most companies require contacting them to get any information about their pricing. There are, though, a few examples of referral program software that didn’t hide their price range, on the list.

After all, you’re reading Voucherify blog, which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m going to recommend Voucherify as your next referral management solution. It should be a perfect choice, especially for enterprise customers looking forward to launching more than just a referral program. And if you're willing to see, if Voucherify checks all the boxes mentioned at the beginning of the article, I'm happy to inform that Voucherify is 100% enterprise-ready: Audit logs – check. Product security – check. I should probably say that there's nothing else to add, but to be frank, I need to add one thing to the change management feature. In Voucherify, each customer gets a software update simultaneously – you can't decide not to update. I'm aware that this might be a significant issue for your company, but I'll sleep better at night knowing that I told you everything.


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