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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
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How to Use Marketing Automation to Improve Acquisition Rates?
Jagoda Dworniczak
Jagoda Dworniczak
October 25, 2018
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How to Use Marketing Automation to Improve Acquisition Rates? 

Looking for creative ways in which automatics can exceed customers’ expectations we gathered our favourite examples. Take a look at our list of ready-to-go campaigns and feel free to borrow them in your strategy.

Welcome campaign - automate your arrivals

Notice each new visitor on your landing page. Let your customers know that they are welcome. Show a messenger window or a small (not annoying) popup with a promo code for a first order. The message is clear, carries real value for your potential buyer, and starts building outstanding experience right away!

Voucherify Welcome Campaign 2

Automated and well-targeted second purchase experience

One of the biggest challenges faced by every company on a daily basis is to turn a one-time buyer into a regular one. Automation comes with a powerful toolkit to help you out with that. On the one hand, you have various incentives triggered automatically after a first purchase. On the other hand, geo-targeting enables you to capture buyers in front of your store and leverage their 'spending mood'.

Behaviour-based campaigns and automatic responses to customer activities

Instead of aiming in every direction and trying to satisfy everyone, you can create smaller campaigns consistent with differences within your customers. Dedicated platforms synced with your CRM capture particular events performed by a customer. You can schedule automatic next best action based on the event like cart abandoned, order cancelled, customer profile updated, etc. One of the most common (and effective) usages of events’ tracking is sending automatic emails with a discount on the unfinished order.

Behaviour based campaigns

Customer tracking also reveals inactive users easily. All you have to do is estimate the time when a customer becomes labelled as inactive. Marketing automation responds to inactivity with scheduled actions such as coupon reminders, personalized email, or special customized offers. You can make it a multi-stage process and use automatics to perform more than one action in case the first one doesn’t win back a customer.

Cross-channel gamified programs that scale automatically

Automatics make multi-level campaigns easy to manage at every scale. You can combine many channels with various actions triggered automatically like a chain reaction. Firstly, define several goals for your audience like ‘spend at least $50’, ‘buy product X in next 7 days’, ‘leave a review of your favourite item’, etc.. The key is to send an automatic email or SMS with a reward for reaching a particular goal. Additionally, each message needs to include information about the next challenge. Such promotions with gamified plot make customers encouraged to recurring visits.

Measure performance and A/B testing

Data-driven approach is only reachable when supported by respective infrastructure. Keep an eye on metrics that reflect each stage of sales funnel. Later on you can catch pain points and try to fix them with a/b tests and new configurations.

A/B tests assess the performance of your landing page, the design of your emails, the timing of your messages, the effectiveness of your promotions, and so on. The more tests, the better. Though, remember to test only one thing at a time. Opportunities for automatic a/b tests are one of the greatest uses you can make of marketing automation. Ultimately, more tests mean more clues for future improvements. Marketingsherpa published a very interesting case study with a/b tests run for OnSwitch app made by B2C company, you can see all results here. They clearly show that simple changes in the way your ideas are presented to your users may significantly impact conversion rate. In the case of the mentioned OnSwitch app, different designs of buttons and a sale announcement increased conversion to paying users by 6 and then 10%.

A/B testing the performance

Improved targeting with social media

Social media ads can automatically direct customer attention to particular products or actions. If the system notes an abandoned cart, you can not only send a discount but also display related products using the social media. If a discount isn’t be enough, maybe a product in a lower price or with a slightly different design will encourage the user to complete the order? Facebook’s Custom Audiences enables you to track customer behaviour on your website and re-engage people to revisit. You differ groups who visited particular pages or went through your sales funnel in a specific way. In the next step, you can tell Facebook what to display in response. It can be a discount, free shipping, or any custom message convincing potential buyers to come back. In the case of Acquisio, retargeting with Facebook ads help them close 40% more potential orders. You can read more on their blog and see how they configure a retargeting Facebook campaign with Custom Audiences, step by step.

Social Media Targeting

Birthdays, holidays and big dates – automate the occasions

With the omnipresent need for a personalized approach, automatics can save the day. It’s impossible to send manual messages every time holidays are coming or your customer celebrates their birthday. Instead, you can set up automatic campaigns sent to your customers every time some important date arrives. Modern email or live chat editors give you a wide range of tools to create personalized and well-targeted designs.

Needles to say, marketing automation provides not the only scalability for growing business but also freedom for the marketing departments. Without much technical effort, your team can schedule advanced automatic actions and keep following their performance. Ultimately, the point of implementing advanced technology is to make leads and sales management easier and more effective.


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