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23 Coupon Statistics You Need to Know About in 2024
Anna Dawal
Anna Dawal
January 3, 2024
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23 Coupon Statistics You Need to Know About in 2024

Discount coupons are crucial for marketing for several reasons. Among other benefits, coupons allow for incentivizing shoppers to make purchases which otherwise they may not be willing to consider, nurturing customer loyalty with the best discounts for those who support the brand for the longest time, attracting new customers, driving up ROI, and measuring effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Below, we gathered some of the most important statistics concerning discount coupons and its distribution that are worth keeping in mind while creating coupon campaigns in 2024. 



23 discount coupons statistics that you should be familiar with

  1. Over 90% of Americans who use digital coupons accessed particular vouchers via a smartphone in 2022. (Insider Intelligence)
  2. In 2023, 92.3% of all digital coupon users are to be smartphone coupon users. That number is estimated to increase to 93.8% in 2026. (Insider Intelligence)
  3. In 2021, over 337 million digital coupons were redeemed in the United States, which marks almost a 40 million increase in the number of redemptions from the previous year. (Statista
  4. Almost 50% of American consumers discover coupons through emails from brands that they are subscribed to or through online searches. (Statista)
  5. Household items (47%) were among the most searched categories when it comes to online coupons in May 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. (Statista)
Most searched online coupon categories during the coronavirus pandemic according to shoppers in the United States as of May 2020
  1. In 2021, the digital coupon redemption amounted to 33.3% in comparison to “free-standing inserts” which redemption amounted to 24.2%. (Statista)
  2. About 14% of American millennials always use coupon aggregators while shopping online. In comparison, only 6% of Gen X shoppers reported the same. (Statista)
  3. “Discounts and offers” are cited as important shopping decision factors by 93% of US shoppers. (Criteo)
  4. The value of digital coupon redemptions will surge from $47 billion in 2017 to $91 billion by 2022. (Juniper Research)
  5. Digital coupon redemptions at Walgreens rose up to about 80% during the coronavirus pandemic (The Wall Street Journal) which indicates that paper coupons are becoming a thing of the past.
Digital, app-based coupon and newspaper inserts coupon usage over the years, between 2015 and 2020
  1. 83% of consumers state that coupons were the reason for a difference in their shopping behavior with 39% of those reporting that a coupon was the reason for buying a particular product sooner than they anticipated. (Inmar Intelligence)
  2. 38% percent of shoppers bought more than they would have otherwise because of acquiring a coupon. (Inmar Intelligence)
  3. 86% of customers want retailers to highlight where there is a digital coupon and an item for sale with 63% of them saying that they would use more coupons if they were available online. (Inmar Intelligence

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  1. As much as 58% of Millennials plan their shopping trips by pairing coupons & store circular offers. (Inmar Intelligence)
Groups that plan their shopping trips by pairing coupons & store circular offers
  1. As much as 80% of shoppers are willing to “go out of their way” in order to find the best deal and 40% of them feel “smart” when they find the best offers. (Blackhawk Network)
  2. Even if they were not originally planning to make a purchase, 67% of shoppers decide to buy something solely because they found a coupon or a discount. (RetailMeNot)
  3. 48% of consumers avoid brands that do not provide any special or discount offers. (RetailMeNot)
  4. Over 65% of shoppers stated that a great deal for a product is even more important to them than excellent customer service. (RetailMeNot)
  5. A majority of consumers are influenced by discounts or special offers while making purchases at retail stores (Businesswire). 
  1. In order to maximize their savings, 86% of shoppers are influenced by coupons to try new products which they have not purchased before and 80% to choose brands that they would not typically buy from. (Businesswire)
  2. When it comes to speeding up the decision process while making a purchase, 60% of shoppers say that they are influenced by coupons to buy something without overthinking. (Businesswire)
  3. As much as 68% of consumers believe that coupons are responsible for constructing brand awareness; the same percentage of shoppers states that coupons build customer loyalty. (Invespcro)
  4. To 59% of shoppers, out of all promotions offered by retailers, digital coupons are the most effective when it comes to influencing their purchase decisions. (Invespcro)

What to make of the statistics?

  1. The future is digital – while paper coupons are still in use, the future is digital – customers prefer acquiring coupons via online sites and redeem them via their mobile devices.
  2. It is all about coupons – not only during the coronavirus pandemic, people look for coupons no matter what they are shopping for; therefore, whatever type of business you are running, coupons will be a great solution which will incentivize your customer base to shop more frequently and build up customer loyalty towards your brand. 
  3. Distribution is key – a majority of consumers are directly influenced when they receive an email with a coupon or a special offer memo. In the end, they do not have to search anywhere for a great deal and are invited to shop at your store. 

How to create a digital coupon campaign for your business?

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