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Product updates
Voucherify Starts Partnership with Customlytics
Kate Banasik
Kate Banasik
January 26, 2021
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Voucherify Starts Partnership with Customlytics

As part of that partnership, Customlytics offers support to its clients with integration and onboarding to the Voucherify platform. They offer promotional strategy development, set-up, and management of m-commerce promotions run using the Voucherify platform, for example, coupon and gift card promotions, cart-level discounts, loyalty and referral programs, giveaways.

"We at Customlytics are happy to team up with Voucherify. The team is very supportive and quick to answer – we got our Voucherify training and learning sessions kicked off in no time and are now excited to learn more about Voucherify enterprise-grade solutions. We are looking forward to next joint projects." — says Christian Eckhardt, CEO & Co-Founder at Customlytics.

Customlytics is a full-stack mobile technology and marketing consultancy located in Berlin. Their service offerings include consulting and support for mobile app strategy, campaign management, analytics & technology integration. Their team of experienced professionals is geared towards taking care of all relevant topics to successfully promote mobile apps. Not only do they cover the entire spectrum of marketing infrastructure and app store optimization (ASO) – they also run performance marketing as well as retention campaigns (CRM) in-house. 

Customlytics was founded by Christian Eckhardt and Raul Truckenbrodt in 2016. (C-level Management of Customlytics) 

They support companies of all sizes from start-ups like Jelbi, CodeCheck, or AutoScout24 to renowned brands such as Audible, Delivery Hero, or Deutsche Telekom.

Customlytics can help enterprises with:

  • Strategy and Workshops: Strategy Development, Mobile App Audit, Training, Due Diligence Audit.
  • Marketing Infrastructure: Attribution Tracking, CRM, Deep Linking, BI / Data Warehousing.
  • Marketing Services: App Store Optimization, Performance Marketing, Creative Services, Retention Campaign Management.
  • Product Management: Product Analytics, Product A/B Testing, UX/UI Design, BI/Data Warehousing.

Customlytics can be proud of the following achievements: 

We believe that thanks to the partnership with Voucherify and the use of personalized, contextual promotions, Customlytics will be able to reach even higher results for their clients.


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