How to Leverage Personalization with MACH?

Discover how MACH tools like Bloomreach Engagement and Voucherify revolutionize personalized deals offers to increase order value and grow loyalty.
Mark Galvin, VP of Strategic Program Development at Bloomreach
Amy Cannon, Technical Account Manager at Voucherify
Kasjan Kotynia, Technical Account Manager at Voucherify


Mark Galvin
VP of Strategic Program Development @ Bloomreach
Amy Cannon
Technical Account Manager @ Voucherify
Kasjan Kotynia
Technical Account Manager @ Voucherify

Topics we covered:

Targeting and generating coupon codes
Integration demo
See a live demo of the new connector between Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement.
Distributing coupon codes omnichannel
MACH for personalization
Explore why monolithic architecture will prevent you from reaching your ambitious personalization goals in 2024.
Preventing coupon fraud and leakage
Creative use cases
Discover out-of-the-box use cases for promotions and loyalty made possible with Voucherify and Bloomreach

Unlocking the power of Voucherify and Bloomreach Engagement

Say goodbye to the limitations of legacy platforms – MACH paves the way for real-time personalization across all touchpoints.

In this session, explore the capabilities of the integration between Bloomreach Engagement and Voucherify for top-notch personalization tips and use cases.
Visual of a mobile referral program from Taxfix

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.