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Are you Looking for a Uniqodo Alternative?

Voucherify API-first promotion management platform helps enterprises run flexible marketing campaigns, without wasting development time and marketing money.
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Voucherify vs. Uniqodo

We understand the constant pain with product comparisons. That's why we want to make it easier for you to better understand which promotion engine – Uniqodo or Voucherify – is a better fit for your use cases and business model. While Uniqodo is a fantastic tool for affiliate marketing, Voucherify is not only a flexible coupon powerhouse but also an API-driven promotion engine that will cover all your promotional needs. Discounts, gift cards, referral schemes, loyalty programs, and giveaways – all with a single price tag.

Flexible promotion engine

Voucherify provides solutions for every promotion type including coupons, discounts, referral, and loyalty programs. Promotions can be stacked and extended with 3rd party data to create truly personalized customer experience.
  1. Complex validation rules available out-of-the-box with dynamic geofencing.
  2. Built-in email designer and landing pages creator.
  3. Custom attributes that make any use case possible.
  4. Single customer view & customer portal.
  5. Complete white-label solution.
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Data security & compliance

Data security is at the core of everything we do in Voucherify. With global enterprise brands in mind, we created a security infrastructure and strict procedures to protect the sensitive data of your customers. You can choose to host your data in a shared or dedicated AWS cluster on any continent. Simplify team work with team management and approval workflows. Rest assured about your data – we are GDPR-, CCPA- and CAN-SPAM-compliant.

How Voucherify stacks up against Uniqodo?

Everything you need to consider when comparing Voucherify and Uniqodo Promotion Engines.

All-in-one promotion engine
While Uniqodo is primarily a coupon management tool, Voucherify is equipped with dedicated loyalty, referral, gift cards & giveaway builders, making it a powerhouse for any type of promotional activity.
Your rules, your front-end
Uniqodo offers multiple solutions for displaying promotions to customers. Voucherify was built as an API-driven back-end infrastructure for your promotions – the final look of your offers is up to you to decide.
Unparalleled API flexibility
Useful abstraction for every promotion type, promotions stacking, and extension of built-in capabilities with metadata.
Integration time
Uniqodo integration can take less time due to ready-to-implement frontend elements. However, future-oriented businesses are now investing in API solutions that may take longer to integrate, but offer unparalleled speed and customization later on.
For any business
Whereas Uniqodo is a fit for mainly ecommerce businesses, Voucherify customization capabilities allow us to operate in multiple industries and with businesses of any size, including Fortune 500 enterprises.

Pricing Scalability

Voucherify allows you to scale as you grow. No setup fee, you pay for what you use, and can downgrade anytime. We offer lower pricing tiers for POCs and cancel anytime policy – all to help you make sure that Voucherify is the right choice, on your schedule.
  1. Prolongable 30-days free trial.
  2. Open documentation for marketers and developers.
  3. Upgrade, downgrade & cancel any time policy.
  4. Usage-based pricing.
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A custom plan for mission-critical projects
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Enhanced Security & SLA
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Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

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