– is it worth it?

How much time, money, and effort are you ready to invest in developing a Promotion Engine from scratch?
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Time is money

Building a tailored sales promotion system engages all your marketing and technical resources. You need a concept, broken-down requirements, and plenty of time for software development. Have you ever heard one of your developers saying the task takes more time than expected? We bet you hear it often. When new solutions are built, unexpected development is always ahead. And speaking of software development, time is money, isn't it?

Doing sales promotions
the right way

Every promotion requires some indispensable sub-systems to track, distribute, and primarily validate promotion rules and limits. Looking at modern e-commerce, the entire system also needs to be flexible enough to easily connect with external applications.
You can spend time, money and effort to build a custom solution that may meet all these requirements or go with a market-ready solution and easily adjust the platform to meet your unique business requirements right from the start.
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In-house solution
  1. Full control over the software architecture and its functionalities.
  2. Possibility to address business-specific marketing challenges.
  3. Supervision over the timeline and the character of the implementation process.
  4. By nature compatible with your current infrastructure and tech stack.
  1. Lack of technological expertise and resources.
  2. Costly maintenance, monitoring and management.
  3. Distraction from developing your core product.
  4. Limited scalability with future cases likely to surpass the initial requirements.
  5. Need for dedicated QA, support and documentation.
  1. Save time, money, and resources on development.
  2. Faster time-to-market and guaranteed scalability.
  3. Out-of-the-box QA, support and technical documentation.
  4. Possibility to focus on the core product and developing key business objectives.
  5. Minimal maintenance and management cost.
  6. Higher ROI and business value.
  7. Scalability.
  8. Data security out-of-the-box.
  9. Possible integration services.
  1. You need to integrate Voucherify to your existing stack, if we do not already offer an out-of-the-box integration with the stack you use.
  2. Some features might be missing, although we are ready to add them to our roadmap. If that’s the case, please contact us.

Here is what Voucherify Promotion Engine offers

Developer-friendly API
Use RESTful API with comprehensive documentation instead of tons of code lines to run and maintain promo campaigns across brands, departments, and teams.
Best-in-class technology
Advanced marketing automation and up-to-date technologies already synced instead of building time-consuming integrations from scratch.
Complete promotional suite
All promotion types, including referral and loyalty programs equipped with custom rules and limits available right away instead of lots of money, time and effort spent on achieving the same goal with alternative approach.
Potent distribution channels
Omnichannel communication which allows you to connect with your customers via email, SMS, notifications, and more.
Detailed promotion analytics
A/B testing and tracking to verify what works best for your business before launching a full-blown campaign.
Advanced personalization
Effortless promotion personalisation thanks to customer segmentation, custom events and metadata.
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