How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Time is money

Building a tailored sales promotion system engages all your marketing and technical resources. You need a concept, broken-down requirements, and plenty of time for software development. Have you ever heard one of your developers saying the task takes more time than expected? We bet you hear it often. That’s how new solutions are built, unexpected development is always ahead. And speaking of software development, time is money, isn't it?

Money is gone for good

You want to build Voucherify alternative and implement promotions but do you know which ones work for your business? Do you need discounts, gifts, loyalty program or maybe a referral campaign? One of the major hard to overcome obstacles while building promotions platform from scratch is giving up on advanced A/B testing and lack of resources for crucial experiments at the early stage.

Spare no effort or do it effortlessly

Every promotion and campaign requires some indispensable sub-systems to track, distribute, and primarily - validate promotion rules and limits. Looking at modern e-commerce, the entire system also needs to be flexible enough to easily connect with external applications. 

You can spend time, money and effort to build a custom solution that may meet all these requirements or... go with Voucherify and easily adjust the platform to meet your unique business requirements right from the start. The key is the enormous flexibility of Voucherify features that offers you tailored solutions within the reach of your hand and budget. 

All-in-one or one-by-one?

Instead of a long development process, and slowly building next promotion features, invest in a system that scales with your business growth from the very first moment you'll use it. 

Sync CRM, design promotions, distribute incentives and track your whole performance in detail. All for a fixed cost that will never surprise you. 

Even if you can afford Voucherify alternative we’re sure you don’t want to! Why? Because that’s what we offer:

Still hesitate? Try Voucherify for free during 30-day trial and launch successful campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

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