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8 traits of a good gift card and voucher management system

September 27, 2017

In this post, we`re going to take a closer look at gift cards. You will learn how to greatly improve their promotion power using marketing technology.

Features of powerful gift cards systems

8 traits of a good gift card and voucher management system

If you are not familiar with gift cards yet, go to the previous post in which we wrote about a variation of a unique coupon code campaign. In this case, a unique code brings up a pre-paid amount to spend in your store. So, it`s time to go through a whole campaign to get to know all the gift card features and maximize your revenue.


As you can probably guess, there is no better way to increase revenue and attract regular customers than by offering a unique and rechargeable gift card. What's more, we’ve taken great care to make this kind of campaign effortless and easy to run.

Why gift cards?

Imagine there are customers with pre-paid gift cards in your store; if they are unable to spend it all at once, they will be coming back as long as a positive balance is still on the card. What's more, with high probability, in the long run, they may spend more than is loaded into the gift card. With this approach, it`s an easy way to gain a regular client.

Now, let’s see how to properly and easily launch a gift cards campaign with the help of our flexible infrastructure.


Gift cards creation is only the beginning - if you want them to work really successfully, appropriate infrastructure is needed. But no worries! Voucherify provides you with all the crucial aspects of marketing operations and makes them a piece of cake.

Infrastructure of gift cards systems

With a dashboard you can

  • create, 
  • control, 
  • modify, 
  • and monitor campaigns effortlessly.

Below, we`d like to guide you through this infrastructure, step by step.


At the beginning, let’s assume you want to launch many different (in terms of timeframe, value, and other criteria you can find below) campaigns based on a gift cards system at the same time and find out what works best. No problem! You can run A/B tests and find out how to customize future campaigns to maximize revenue. Voucherify always assigns one unique code to a coupon and makes it a valid one-off. The unique code enables you to track and control every gift card and have a birds-eye view of its details. As a result, you can launch as many individual campaigns as you want to and be sure your gift cards are in order. Same as below, where we present an example Campaigns view.

Unique codes for gift cards

What's more, you can import vouchers from your computer as a CSV file and add them to a campaign or, by using the export tool, download a CSV with previously created coupons.

Importing gift cards codes

Following the above-mentioned rule, unique code- unique coupon, we've created a tool to search vouchers just by the code. Furthermore, every Voucherify view contains this field at the top so searching is always fast and easy.


Another valuable feature that you can fine-tune as you want to is the number of coupon redemptions:

  • gift card can be redeemed once
  • gift card can be redeemed multiple times. Each code can be redeemed multiple, but a certain number of times or redemptions can be unlimited (as long as the balance is positive, an amount from the card can be spent).
Number of gift card code redemptions


Like you may remember from previous articles, our campaigns wizard is supplied with plenty of options to customize your campaign perfectly; number of redemptions is just one of them. Below, once again, we’ve summed them up

Validation rules for gift cards

*For more information about validation rules go here.


Once we have gone through creating our campaigns and gift cards, it's time to find out how to run them and still be in control. With Voucherify, nothing is going to happen without your knowledge. For example, if a redemption fails you are notified straight away about all the details; you can send an email and inform the customer about a negative balance. Moreover, if you're seeking more details, all redemptions are visible in the redemption history in the selected campaign view.

Gift cards redemption tracking



To control a campaign effectively, you need a current view of its performance. We thought about this as well; first of all, campaigns balance is visible from the Campaigns view, informing you about already redeemed amounts and any amounts left to spend until the campaign ends.

Gift cards campaign performance view

 The second valuable tool which lets you constantly watch a changing balance is placed in the Main Project view. Here, you can also find a list with the number of redeemed vouchers sorted by type.

Main preview of the project - gift cards campaign


Now that we’ve shown you how to have total control, it's time to show you how to take full advantage of it. Being aware of the fact that it's hard to predict the course of a campaign once it’s created, we supplied Voucherify with tools which let you face it head-on! You can permanently improve a campaign in real-time before any complaints appear.

Firstly, when a campaign becomes unexpectedly popular, you can react instantly and add vouchers to the campaign. You can find this option in the detailed campaigns view.

Real-time notifications for your gift cards

Secondly, if something doesn`t work and things are going badly, you can deactivate a campaign or even an individual coupon at any time. Your vouchers system is elastic like never before! 

Option to deactivate vouchers


We’ve been through an entire campaign, starting from its creation we have reached the point where gift cards are ready to be shared with customers. What now?

All efforts would be in vain if we weren’t able to reach customers efficiently and that’s why a well-fitting distribution is key to ending your campaign with profits. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the possibilities which are given and prove to you that with Voucherify, distribution can finally be, nice, and easy.

Gift Cards distribution - email, mobile app, qr codes, physical

A very comfortable way of distribution needs your email box; you can integrate a MailChimp account with our app and spread gift cards widely via emails. What`s more, with the same simplicity codes can be easily pushed out to customers by sms.

Other possibilities are based on QR codes. But no worries, you can generate them with Voucherify as well. Here, you can take a closer look at the creation process. After gift cards get QR codes, they are ready to be spread with our Mobile App, dedicated to offline coupon tracking, it allows for coupons redemptions in your store.

Prefer a hand-to-hand promotion? No problem. Just print your gift cards with QR codes and that's it!


Gift cards are getting more and more popular; according to the latest marketing research, more than 90% of US shoppers receive or buy a gift card every year. So far, creating an advanced gift cards campaigns could be a headache but now this problem no longer exists. In this article, we’ve presented a complete infrastructure to relieve your IT team and provide customers with a high-quality service at the same time. If you combine the Voucherify API and a multifunctional, user-friendly dashboard, the recipe for a successful campaign is ready.

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