How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
Live chat

Upgrade your live chat support today

A plain ‘sorry’ is sometimes not enough, but a ‘sorry’ discount code? Now we’re talking! And with Voucherify this upgrade is extremely cost-effective and effortless.

Some facts

Did you know that that live chat is the preferable way of communications for 42% customers compared to 23% for email and 16% for social media?

Or that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase on your website if you don’t offer live chat?

See what possibilities Voucherify has to offer to upgrade your live chat support

Beyond customer support

Most companies use live chat for plain customer support, but you’re not an ordinary company, you’re exceptional!

Your live chat support will become enriched with Voucherify plug-in which would enable you to send coupons such as:

  • Welcome coupon
  • Sorry coupon
  • Birthday coupon
  • Flash-sales coupon
  • And many more

It is never too late to say sorry

Use Voucherify plug-in to send ‘sorry’ coupons as live chat with coupons can be a cure for all moments where a well-trained team is not enough to fix the bad impression after some pain point troubles.

The way to a man's heart is through a discount

Imagine a new customer arriving on your landing page unsure whether to stay for longer or leave and right then, your team jumps out of the live chat offering a shiny, ready-to-go coupon for the first purchase. That’s marketing done right and it will allow you to:

  • Acquire new customers more effectively
  • Start building that 1:1 customer experience with new users at the very beginning of the sales funnel.

Since we’re talking about discounts, it is worth mentioning that Voucherify offers a number of 1:1 personalised sales incentives so that you can issue a discount in many different scenarios:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Total amount of cart is above/below X
  • Cart contains a specific product

Additionally Voucherify pays attention to your resources and allows you to set budget constraints regarding total discounted amount, total number of redemptions and many others.

Expand your loyalty and referral campaigns

With your loyalty and referral campaigns plugged into live chat, you may invite customers and new visitors to join and thus effortlessly expand the scope of your campaign.

All in all, Voucherify-enhanced live chat is a completely new and innovative marketing tool that helps you run promotional campaigns. Thanks to various and personalised incentives – you can increase overall customer satisfaction and conversion rates while at the same time reduce customer churn.


Voucherify by default provides you with a chance to integrate with Intercom as your live chat software, however thanks to our API you will be able to connect easily with other communication platforms of your choice.

Learn more about Intercom


What can we help you with?

You will get access to extensive documentation database with detailed guides on how to tap into the full potential of using different live chat with Voucherify. You will find there pieces created with both marketers and developers in mind. We also offer 24/7 support should you need anything. 

Not only live chat

Voucherify supports SMS, push notifications, and other 3rd party channels. Take a look at our plugins or tap into the developer hub to build your own in hours.

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