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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Voucherify and Moflix enabled swype to run flexible promotions

How Voucherify and Moflix enabled swype to run flexible promotions

How Voucherify and Moflix enabled swype to run flexible promotions
11-50 employees
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Ryan Gold, Managing Director of Moflix

Moflix is an international tech company based in Switzerland and Finland, offering a fully-digital onboarding solution for telcos. The Moflix Onboarding Platform is designed for companies operating in highly-regulated environments that want to simplify their business processes while offering an excellent customer experience to their customers.

“This integration allows swype to see redeemed vouchers of a specific customer within other customer information in Zendesk.”
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Key challenges

  • Reducing IT and operational cost.
  • Lack of a flexible promotion management platform.
  • Long time-to-market of promotions.
  • Lack of campaigns integration with their CRM system.
  • Manual reporting on campaigns.
“Voucherify will give Moflix and swype more flexibility and open possibilities for new kinds of marketing campaigns”.

In December 2019, Moflix was engaged in the launch of swype – a fully digital mobile subscription designed to serve a new generation of digitally-minded people.

As a part of Sunrise Communications AG, one of the leading mobile providers in Switzerland, swype offers services tailored to the needs of cost-conscious telecommunications users. The operator aims to challenge accustomed practices in the legacy telecommunications market currently characterized by cumbersome customer-facing and back office-handled processes that are not thoroughly digitalized.

swype is based entirely on Moflix’s Onboarding Platform for digital services. The Moflix platform is a fully cloud-based solution hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing the orchestration of services such as customer identification, billing, and customer support. The platform is equipped with a world-class mobile application for customer onboarding, strong identification, and subscription management. It also offers a support channel based on WhatsApp Business. As a cloud-based solution, it provides a truly paperless, streamlined solution that can reduce IT and operational costs without the need for a massive transformation project.

Although swype successfully provides a digital challenge to the Swiss communications market, they had a need to enhance their services with a cloud-based, fast-to-integrate, and easy-to-use solution for promotion management.

In 2020, Moflix integrated Voucherify into swype. This flexible integration allows swype to create vouchers for any desired monetary value. The marketing principle was that users should receive credits for redeeming vouchers. Those credits can be used to cover part or full value of subscription payments (monthly, daily, or international). Through the app, users can see the redeemed vouchers, the remaining credits, and the amount to pay after using a voucher.

The eligibility is checked by Voucherify and defined in the campaign settings. A good example of a promotion limit is a campaign voucher possible to redeem only during the Black Friday week. To achieve this, Moflix passes the redemption attempt to Voucherify’s REST API and the campaign rules define its success.

Moflix’s serverless AWS backend also retrieves an export from Voucherify at the end of each month and calculates helpful reporting metrics into financial reports. The fully-automated financial reports contain information such as existing liability (amount of open vouchers), redeemed liability, and the total sum of expired vouchers that were not redeemed; helping swype to track the financial impact of voucher campaigns. As for future developments, Moflix will add support for specific product vouchers, for instance, vouchers that can be used to get a free month. This will bring even more flexibility and open possibilities for new kinds of marketing campaigns on top of the already successful credit vouchers.


Fast integration and time-to-market with discount campaigns
Automated reporting on campaign performance
Streamlined voucher generation and management
Integration with Zendesk – 360 degree view on customer profiles
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