How easyJet managed the Covid-19 crisis with automated refunds?

  • How Voucherify enabled easyJet to process a flood of refunds into attractive gift cards during COVID-19?
  • How easyJet uses Voucherify-generated discounts to capture new markets?
  • How Voucherify enables easyJet teams to operate hundreds of campaigns with no development needed?


How easyJet beat the pandemic with Voucherify-powered gift card refunds

The launch of the easyJet holiday platform was followed by the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has had devastating financial effects on many businesses. In these difficult times, easyJet holidays needed a solution that would help them process refunds in order to upkeep business liquidity and incentivize customers to return once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Download the easyJet Case Study to discover how this popular airline and travel agency used Voucherify to process thousands of cancellations and incentivize customers to come back to their brand once the pandemic settled.