How Michelin runs the Better Motion loyalty program with Voucherify?

  • How partnering with Voucherify helped Michelin launched a pilot loyalty program.
  • How Voucherify enabled Michelin team to take complete ownership over loyalty data?
  • How Michelin managed to run a fully custom program with business-specific earning rules and rewards?


How Michelin runs pilot loyalty and referral programs with minimal operations spending?

Facing the need for flexible promotion codes management and a future membership program, Michelin took a strategic leap – leveraging external partners instead of internal development. This enabled them to move quickly and adapt easily to market demands. The collaboration started with Voucherify, powering both discount coupons and automatic promotions. This success paved the way for an even bolder step: piloting a tiered membership program in the French market.

Download the Michelin Case Study to discover how this popular manufacturing company connects micro-services to run a loyalty program while keeping the budget in check.