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Approval Workflow Definition

An approval workflow is a set of logical steps that have to be followed by particular people to get a specific action performed (or approved). 

Each of these steps would have a defined person or user group that can perform them. For example, one person can prepare the landing page copy, another review it, and the third one approve and publish it. Until a specified person approves the data, no change can be made, making automated approval workflows a key element in eliminating bottlenecks that reduce workplace efficiency and productivity. 

Voucherify offers approval workflows that ensure that before a promo campaign is set live or a campaign modification is introduced, it first must be reviewed and accepted by the account admin. Learn more here

Why should you use approval workflows?

Approval workflows offer plenty of benefits, especially crucial for big organizations with multiple dependencies:

  • Reduce manual errors and fraud risk by having a designated person review and approve changes. 
  • Remain compliant with data privacy and other data-related laws that require approval workflows or similar processes for data processing needs. 
  • Build a transparent team structure where each account user has a predefined role with limited access to some software components.

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