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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Coupon Pattern Definition

A coupon pattern is a definition of a pattern a coupon code should follow. The coupon pattern consists of the following elements:

  • Coupon character set (charset) – a definition of the variables (letters, numbers, other symbols) a coupon can contain. 
  • Coupon prefix – a fixed character set at the beginning of a unique coupon code series, for example, SANTA###, where ### symbolizes variable characters. 
  • Coupon postfix – a fixed character set at the end of a unique coupon code series, for example, ###SANTA where ### symbolizes variable characters.

What are the best practices for a coupon code pattern?

  • Medium length – the perfect length of a coupon code is between 8-12 characters long. Shorter codes are more susceptible to fraud, whereas longer codes may worsen the customer experience. 
  • Transparent characters – avoid ambiguous characters and exclude them from the charset for the code. This will minimize the risk of customers typing in the codes incorrectly.
  • Divide the code – it is a good practice to cut the code into smaller chunks to simplify the code input and improve its readability. It is even better if the code can be copied and pasted. 
  • Be contextual – coupon codes connected to your brand or a special occasion are more engaging than a random string of numbers and letters.

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