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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Customer Cockpit Definition

A customer cockpit is an individual space for each customer that presents selected account details, such as loyalty score, available rewards, and other incentives.

The customer cockpit can also be called a customer profile, portal, dashboard, or digital wallet. In more advanced cases, cockpits can also allow customers to exchange collected loyalty points for rewards or perform other relevant actions.

Why should you offer a customer portal?

Currently, it is hard for customers to keep track of all available deals, rewards, and incentives. By offering a branded customer profile section available either via web or app, customers are more likely to visit your brand as it is easier to keep track of any relevant promotional information. 

The best practices for building customer portals

  • Sort the information – the customer cockpit should be legible and easy to navigate. You can arrange the data by offer type or the expiration date to provoke action. 
  • Brand the space – the customer portal should act as an extension of your brand. Make sure that the colors, fonts, and visuals  can be associated with your brand. 
  • Make it cross-channel – it is best to allow customers to visit their portal via the web, mobile, but also in-store.  
  • Inform customers – if your customers are unaware of this feature, they are less likely to discover it on their own and use it on a regular basis. 

Voucherify offers a dedicated feature for building branded customer cockpits. If our ready solution doesn’t suit your needs, you can quickly build the frontend yourself and plug our API to fill it with relevant promotional information. To learn more, go here

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