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Referral Link Definition

A referral link is a URL provided by the company that runs a referral program. Each referral link should be associated with a single referral program participant. The referrers share their personal links with friends, family, and associates to earn various rewards included in the referral program.

The most popular incentives in referral programs are:

  • Commissions,
  • Discount coupons,
  • Credits,
  • Physical rewards.

The list doesn’t end here – there are hundreds of company-specific rewards that can be issued inside the referral program.

The most crucial feature of a referral link is its trackability. A piece of code sewed into the referral link carries information about the referral link owner, times the link was used to perform an activity such as sign up or product purchase, and so on.

The referral code is an integral part of a referral link, and it’s responsible for tracking and exchanging information with the marketing automation platform.

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