How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?

Short, Meaningful and Simple Mobile Promotions!

Mobile channels allow you to deliver unique promotional codes straight to your customers’ pockets. Just launch your campaign and Voucherify will handle the rest.

Incentivize your customers wherever they are

Did you know that 97% of interviewees said that they open each text message they receive and that SMS messages get double response rate compared to phone calls, emails and Facebook?

The data indicates that if done correctly, SMS campaign could be a tool that might bring your business to the next level.

Check out some of the features that Voucherify offers so that you can add a personal touch to each and every message you send

Don’t get triggered, rather choose triggers

Be in full control of when and to whom messages should be sent.

Perhaps you’d like to send exclusive discount coupons to customers who cancelled subscription in the last 3 months? Or launch a geo-oriented campaign for your Toronto customers? You can do it in no time with Voucherify flexible rules engine.

Keep in mind that our platform also pairs well with geo-fencing which means that notifications are going to reach your customers in the right place and at the right time. This opens a possibility of running advanced geo-located promotions.

No spam, just fun

Personalize your messages straight from the dashboard and save the time and energy of your developers.

By using customer segments you may properly divide your audience and send messages only to target group.

But, here is the best part - you don’t even have to upload your customer database manually as you may easily integrate your CRM with Voucherify and automate the whole process saving time and energy.

Engage within your app

With Voucherify plug-in you may catch your customers on the go via push notifications.

With the increasing popularity of apps and mobile culture, in-app messages are becoming a crucial part of the sales funnel.
Don’t lag behind and incentivize your app users with special discounts, loyalty, and referral programs.

Key features


Voucherify allows you to integrate with the most prominent communications and ecommerce platforms.

Save developers’ time on integration

Keep in mind that integrations are not indispensable and you may as well use Voucherify text messages editor and your own communications provider.

Track your campaign

Monitor the performance of your campaign alongside SMS reception and coupon redemption rates. All the data will be visible in your dashboard so you won’t even break a sweat looking for it.

Customize your codes and types of messages  

To make things interesting you may create coupons in text, QR and barcode format and  allow your customers to redeem codes on the go and through mobile apps.

Increase customer retention

Create reminder messages, send birthday wishes, ‘sorry’ discounts and many more to boost customers’ engagement. Not enough? What about loyalty points campaigns and auto-applied discounts based on the total amount of cart or whether the cart contains a specific product? It’s all possible with Voucherify rules engine.

Use cases

Check out some of our ideas on how to include mobile incentives powered by Voucherify in your business’ daily operations

Send your customers a birthday discount code showing how much you appreciate doing business with them.

Launch a geo-located flash sale if your customer enters a particular area.

Remind your customers about a discount code that is going to expire soon and they better hurry up.

Invite your users to join referral program and spread the word about your app in exchange for gift card credits.


What can we help you with?

You will get access to extensive documentation database with detailed guides on how to tap into the full potential of using different live chat with Voucherify. You will find there pieces created with both marketers and developers in mind. We also offer 24/7 support should you need anything. 

Not only live chat

Voucherify supports SMS, push notifications, and other 3rd party channels. Take a look at our plugins or tap into the developer hub to build your own in hours.

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