How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Web channels

Don’t pull the plug on your online presence just yet!

Voucherify is coming to the rescue to save your campaign from going down the tubes.

Landing pages

Voucherify lets you not only incentivize your landing page with Voucherify live chat and welcome coupons, but also to create and publish new ones via our neat landing pages creator.


10% discount

Please continue if you’re to redeem in the restaurant.
This coupon will expire in 15 minutes.



Here no integration nor tech skills are needed and you can create a landing page which is automatically connected to your Voucherify account and later on publish it.

You can really do it with your eyes closed, but keep them open for now so that you can see all the amazing landing pages templates that we’ve created for you!

Why bother?

Because landing pages allow you to offer discounts to your customers, invite them to a number of loyalty and referral programs, attract subscribers and allow client-side redemptions.

These types are just a suggestion and may inspire you to launch a certain type of campaign, yet you may modify them as you wish and publish landing pages of completely different kind. Whatever floats your boat!

Collect subscribers

Create a subscription form to collect customers for future promotion campaigns.

Sign up for a discount code

Send a discount coupon for succesfully subscribed customers.

Sign up for gift cards credits

Send a gift card to successfully subscribed customers.

Redeem code

Let customers redeem codes online

Enrol in a loyalty program

Enable customers to join a loyalty program and win rewards.

Invite a friend to a referral program

Let customers get their referral code and thus join an incentivized referral program.

It is up to you which template you’ll choose but either way you’ll be able to modify a number of elements, including:

  • Banner
  • Rewards/References Container
  • Contest/Program rules
  • CTAs
  • Sign up form
  • Consents and marketing permissions
  • Graphics and logos
  • Redeem widget
  • And many more


Creating a whole landing page seems like too much work? Or maybe it is important for you to keep traffic on your homepage and not direct your customers anywhere else? And finally, maybe your positioning expert is on holiday and you don’t feel like creating and positioning a brand new URL?

We’ve got you covered! Place ready-to-go web widgets on your website to enable client-side interactions with Voucherify codes.

Grow your Promotions with Google Ads

Extend the scope of your promotional activities with a brand-new Google Ads Integration.  What's in it for you? By integrating your Voucherify account with Google Ads campaigns, you get an innovative and seamless way to promote your campaigns by adding Promotion Extensions that upon clicking will redirect visitors to the Voucherify landing page to boost customer engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Learn more about the Google Ads integration

Banners and Pop-ups

Another way in which Voucherify may help to incentivize your platform is via displaying discount codes on your homepage or app using banners and popups.

Our platform also pairs well with geo-fencing which means that notifications are going to reach your customers in the right place and at the right time. This opens a possibility of running advanced geo-located promotions.


What can we help you with?

You will get access to extensive documentation database with detailed guides on how to tap into the full potential of using different live chat with Voucherify. You will find there pieces created with both marketers and developers in mind. We also offer 24/7 support should you need anything. 

Not only live chat

Voucherify supports SMS, push notifications, and other 3rd party channels. Take a look at our plugins or tap into the developer hub to build your own in hours.

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