How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic


Want to stay up to date with any changes?

If yes, then take a seat and let us tell you more about Voucherify webhooks and advanced tracking features they provide

Webhooks act like a younger sister ratting on you to your parents about every single thing you did.
In the real world, being a snitch is not a badge of honor, but in the world of e-marketing you are going to need these ‘digital snitches’ to obtain real-time notifications and data synchronisation.

Advanced tracking

Thanks to webhooks you may monitor reactions of your customers to different types of campaigns you’re running. What that means is that you’ll get up-to-date notifications about each event connected with coupons, such as coupon redemption.

Simple connection between Voucherify and other apps

Connecting Voucherify with other apps via webhooks triggers a certain domino effect in which information transmitted by Voucherify about the given event may trigger other automatic responses in the system that a webhook is attached to.

Use cases

You may use webhooks in numerous cases to ensure the automation of your promotional campaigns:

In response to coupon redemption Voucherify may send a ‘thank you’ email.

Voucherify may trigger webhooks with information that a customer should receive a referral reward and later on system can send an email or an in-app message informing the customer about the reward.

Send a discount coupon to a customer who abandoned the cart.

Automatically inform your customers about any changes in the campaign or time-limited discounts.

Protection from fraud and misuses

Voucherify can instantly notify you via webhook about each failed redemption and its details. At first, it may not seem like much but in fact this function is crucial in maintaining customer satisfaction and may protect you from any attempt at fraud. 

What about fraud?

You will be automatically informed about any shady stuff happening with your coupons, such as one customer redeeming 7 codes in a row or a string of failed redemptions. 

Webhooks also protect you from any kind of mistakes on your side as each case may be analysed separately so that you can find the cause of the problem at the drop of a hat.


Imagine that a customer wanted to redeem a code but failed to do so. The tension is rising and so is customer’s dissatisfaction with your services. But fear not, because Voucherify may notify you about this situation via webhook and prevent any ill feelings by sending a ‘sorry’ email or an email explaining the terms and conditions of the discount.


What can we help you with?

You will get access to extensive documentation database with detailed guides on how to tap into the full potential of using different live chat with Voucherify. You will find there pieces created with both marketers and developers in mind. We also offer 24/7 support should you need anything. 

Not only live chat

Voucherify supports SMS, push notifications, and other 3rd party channels. Take a look at our plugins or tap into the developer hub to build your own in hours.

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