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2022-10-04 5:30 pm

Fantastic Discount Formulas and How to Build Them?

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Promo codes are an excellent fabric for interweaving personalization into your marketing strategy. To deliver the most advanced promotion personalization capabilities on the market, our team built a unique module for crafting dynamic offers that react differently to different conditions. Now, the only limit is your team’s creativity.

Tune in for our next webinar dedicated to building dynamic discount formulas. Learn how to navigate this feature with ease and get ideas on how to use it in your promotions. Walk with our team through several use cases to better understand the incredible potential for unparalleled personalization with the minimum development effort.

Hosted by the dream team of Samuel Janik, a Technical Writer, and Kasjan Kotynia, an Integration Manager at Voucherify.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to easily navigate the dynamic discounts module.
  • Get inspired and see how to use this feature in your promotions.
  • Walk through several use cases to discover the full potential of this feature.

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