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Save time and money on single-issue referral software with the Voucherify Promotion Engine.
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Voucherify Promotions vs. Ambassador Referrals

With Ambassador as a part of the Intrado platform, you are probably looking for a reliable and affordable Ambassador alternative that you can quickly get up-and-running to continue your referral programs. With Voucherify, you won’t only get a flexible referral powerhouse but also an API-first Promotion Engine. Discounts, gift cards, referrals, loyalty programs, and giveaways – all with a single (and affordable) price tag.

We have everything you love
about Ambassador (and more)

Configurable referral 
& affiliate programs
Choose custom referral actions, rewards, and notifications.
Complete referral automation
Get your program up-and-running by leveraging smart segmentation and automating reward payouts.
Work with your favorite tools and create an omnichannel customer experience.
Complete white labeling
Make your brand the center of every interaction with comprehensive branding options.
Advanced reporting 
& analytics
Stay in the know by running detailed analytics and optimizing your referral program in real-time.
Hosted customer portal
Surprise customers with a customer portal displaying referral score and other owned incentives.
Referral landing pages & widgets
Create a seamless and organic sharing experience right on your website.
Enterprise-grade security measures
Get a dedicated cluster to launch mission-critical projects protected by tight security measures.
anti-fraud mechanisms
Leverage user activity logs and anti-fraud mechanisms to keep your program safe.

Increase your  time-to-market and save time and money on developing referral logic from scratch.

Combine promotions at a fraction of the price

With Voucherify building blocks, your referral campaigns can go far beyond the boundaries of Ambassador referral programs. Launch dedicated coupons, gift cards, and loyalty programs that will complement your referral campaign. Achieve your marketing goals with one affordable and holistic tool instead of using scattered one-issue solutions.
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Sales promotions available in the Voucherify Promotion Engine.
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Build referral campaigns faster

We built Voucherify on top of a fast and flexible REST API. With our eyes set on the headless and API-driven future, we developed a tool that can quickly adapt to the ever-changing market challenges. We say no to a one-size-fits-all approach to promotions. A rich set of built-in objects and proven abstractions ensure data integrity and increase the speed of development. After integrating your product with Voucherify, your marketing team can build and manage promotions independently, with no custom development needed.

Your success is our success

We want you to succeed and feel confident about using Voucherify. Why? Our business model is based on your success. If we fail to offer you the best possible experience, you won’t pay for a subscription. After all, it takes two to tango.
  1. Prolongable 30-days free trial and free plan.
  2. Open documentation for marketers and developers.
  3. Upgrade, downgrade & cancel any time policy.
  4. Usage-based pricing.
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A custom plan for mission-critical projects
Custom pricing
Contact sales
Custom API limits
Enhanced Security & SLA
Enterprise account administration

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.