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Deliver Unique Experiences with Brightpearl and Voucherify
Julia Gaj
Julia Gaj
February 4, 2020
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Deliver Unique Experiences with Brightpearl and Voucherify

Connecting your online stores with the offline POS and managing your inventory, customer orders, shipping, and retail accounting is a tall order. What if we told you that you could automate these processes with the help of Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is a retail operations platform that helps businesses all over the world automate retail processes and design truly omnichannel customer experiences.

Here are some of the top Brightpearl features:

  • BOPIS (buy online and pick up in store) functionality.
  • Easy integration with payment gateways, including iZettle, Adyen and USAePAY.
  • Limited user-access for staff members.
  • Offline&Online Synchronisation – inventory can be stored offline and updated when online.
  • Many more.

Traditional e-commerce platforms (such as Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce) offer customer-ready promotion solutions that do not always go along with your business goals. This is why Brightpearl and Voucherify created something genuinely unique in the online retail landscape – a unified solution for delivering personalized customer experiences with custom promotional strategies and retail operations automation. What’s even better is that now your online promotions will be available right in your Brightpearl POS ensuring a smooth customer journey. 

Now Brightpearl functionalities will be greatly enhanced by a custom promotion solution making it easy to combine your online and offline promo campaigns

Voucherify joins forces with Brightpearl

With this article, we would like to announce the cooperation between Brightpearl and Voucherify.

What does this cooperation entail?

We have managed to build a fantastic integration between Voucherify and Brightpearl systems, which allows you to use our promotion engine as part of the Brightpearl solution. Now you won't even need to have a Voucherify account as our robust promotion building blocks will be available directly in your Brightpearl account

What's even better is that you don't need to pay double. Voucherify functionality and powerful API-first promotions combined with Brightpearl retail automation are going to be billed as one service. It means that you can access best-in-class retail automation and flexible promotion engine from a single vendor.

As of today, the integration is available for gift cards, discount coupons, and even loyalty programs. As a Brightpearl customer, you will be able to launch complex loyalty programs using Voucherify loyalty features with just a few clicks and without even leaving your Brightpearl account. 

How does Voucherify and Brightpearl integration work?

The point of the integration is streamlining the creation of promotions and making it readily available, fast, and efficient. That’s why Voucherify is now offered as an integral part of Brightpearl systems for creating promotions that delight customers and bring back revenue. 

As a Brightpearl customer, you will be invited to Voucherify Master Account, which is administered by Brightpearl. This account allows you to create promo campaigns that are going to be available in Brightpearl POS. This integration is a great way to explore Voucherify capabilities without the need for any separate integration and developmental effort put into combining your online store with Voucherify as the whole promo process will be managed by and based on your Brightpearl account. 

What is possible with Brightpearl integration?

  • Searching and viewing customer loyalty details.
  • Updating the loyalty card balance and expiry date.
  • Removing customer from a loyalty program and merging loyalty cards.
  • Launching loyalty campaigns with/without loyalty cards and enrolling customers in the program.
  • Selling gift cards with a predefined balance.
  • Accepting payments by gift and loyalty cards.
  • Issuing gift card refunds.

What do you get out of it?

Using Voucherify promotions as a part of Brightpearl solutions can help your business in several ways:

  • Facilitation of online to offline campaign management.
  • Data synchronisation (sales, inventory, customer details, payments).
  • Advanced promotion tracking capabilities.
  • Control over promotion ROI
  • Faster time-to-market. 
  • Less developmental effort behind implementing promotions.
  • More time to focus on other business ventures.  

Get inspired 

To celebrate Voucherify and Brightpearl cooperation, we would like to give you several inspirations for campaigns that you can launch from your Brightpearl account with the help of Voucherify promotion engine:

Welcome discount coupons

Each time a new customer signs up or makes a purchase in your store, he or she will receive an automatic email message with a 15% discount code on the next purchase. The code is given a month-long expiry date to keep it urgent. The system limits the redemption of the code to once per customer protecting your bottom line from coupon fraud. 

Note: You may customize this scenario further by applying customer- and product-specific discount rules. 

1-year anniversary gift card

Send automated email messages with digital gift cards worth 100$ for customers who joined your brand a year ago. The gift card credits will be redeemable at Brightpearl POS. The cards are given order value limits (up to 50$) to ensure that customers don’t spend the whole sum making only one purchase and need to return to your store to use the total of the gift card credits.  

Multi-tiered loyalty program

Run a loyalty program and reward your customers with discounts, gift cards, or material prizes. Create custom earning rules by rewarding purchases or customer behaviour such as leaving a review or getting a newsletter. 

Having Voucherify as an integral part of your Brightpearl retail operations will help you deliver unique promo experiences without saddling your business with extra developmental effort and a head-ache inducing bill. 


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