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Incentivised Reviews or Influencer Marketing?
Jagoda Dworniczak
Jagoda Dworniczak
October 10, 2018
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Incentivised Reviews or Influencer Marketing – What is Better for Business?

In this post, we're going to cover two issues. First, how to use personalized incentives to gather more reviews; and, secondly, how to use trackable incentives as a way to measure the effectiveness of hired influencers. Let's start with the first issue.

Influencers for small budgets

Instead of chasing after top influencers and spending everything on their commitment, focus on what’s already in your hands. Let the experienced voice of your satisfied customers improve your brand image.

In a perfect world, a great product and a place to review it - such as a landing page or social media profiles would be enough. Unfortunately, the reality is that people need to be encouraged to share their positive experiences. Another thing is that they usually don't need any encouragement to talk about the bad ones. You need to catch the customer when he/she is still under the impression of your great service. This means your feedback request with incentive needs to be pushed out in front of customers immediately after a purchase.

Incentivised reviews may be much more convincing than the words of any paid influencer. These reviews come from people who really tried out your products. It’s natural, and proven, that such opinions are what the potential audience value the most. Online users reviews are trusted by 70% of survey subjects. These reviews remain in 2nd place amongst channels with the biggest influence on buying decisions; right after recommendations from friends.

Incentivised reviews

The biggest challenge is to keep customers motivated to write a review. And this is one role of personalised incentives. If you want a review our advice is to kindly ask and give something in exchange. The most universal and versatile incentives may be coupon codes or gift cards. They give you extensive flexibility, tracking possibilities and certainty that your budget is safe.

Let’s look at two examples of messages sent instantly after a purchase. Depending on your strategy, you can use different channels but keep in mind that reviewing must be straightforward and very easy to achieve. In this post, we chose emails and live chat window because both work well on mobile and web devices. Our toolkit consists of two apps: Voucherify and Intercom. Voucherify provides incentives and emails and when Intercom is plugged into Voucherify it enables us to send incentivised messages straight from a chat window.

Voucherify review
Voucherify review 2

Unique codes for influencers

What else can unique incentives do for influencer marketing? Assuming you’ve finally hired your ideal influencer, we’re going to show you how you can verify if it works. The workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a batch of unique promo codes for your products (you can use Voucherify again)
  2. Give the codes to your influencer who will share them with their audience
  3. Monitor how many codes convert into purchases

Promo codes emphasize the power of influencers and their recommendations. People get more motivated to follow the influencer’s opinion because of savings that go along with it. What’s more, unique coupons make tracking smooth and easy. At any time you can figure out how many codes were redeemed and how your influencer is performing. Codes can also be divided into campaigns which enable comparison of the effectiveness of different partnerships. Ultimately, tracking is the only way to figure out if that, usually expensive, tactic pays off.

Codes for influencers

Requirements for influencer and reviews marketing

To manage both, incentivised reviews and codes for influencers, you need a proper infrastructure in place. With Voucherify we allow you to develop, manage, and distribute coupon, referral, and loyalty solutions of every shape and size, worldwide.


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