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Q1 2024 Product Update: New Dashboard & Webooks 2.0
Julia Gaj
Julia Gaj
April 4, 2024
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Q1 2024 Product Update: New Dashboard & Webooks 2.0

We’re kicking off 2024 with a heavy bag full of great features designed to make your life easier and promotions better. Let’s take a look at what our product teams have been up to in Q1 and what’s coming in Q2. 

To stay on top of what’s new in Voucherify, follow our Release Notes. Do you have an idea for a new feature? Share it with us via our collaborative roadmap

Improved Dashboard experience

In recent weeks, you might have noticed changes to how the Voucherify Dashboard looks. This update reflects our growth into a multi-product tech company – its goal is to streamline navigation and make it easier for you to launch and manage promotions. 

For now, these changes affect only colors, styling, and section arrangement – but keep your eyes open for new Distribution and Customer Segmentation views in Q2. 

Product Release – New Dashboard Experience

Webhooks 2.0

Another standout update in Q1 are webhooks 2.0. The changes to the webhook payload include modifications to key fields and the overall structure. Keep in mind that the new approach is a breaking change that requires development effort to switch to the new version – but it’s worth it. 

With the new approach to the payload structure, the data object always reuses the same generic objects associated with the event. The new structure is the first step to introducing a Custom Webhook builder. The builder will allow you to translate the webhook payload into an API request to external systems, so you won’t need middleware between the two systems.

Learn more about webhooks 2.0 >

Product Release – Webhooks

API Keys encryption for enhanced security

We're committed to keeping your data secure. That's why we've implemented automatic masking of API tokens for increased protection. Here's what you need to know:

  • Primary Secret Key: This key is the most critical and will be hidden after 14 days from its initial generation and after 15 minutes following any regeneration.
  • Secondary Keys & Integration Keys: These keys are less sensitive than the primary key and will be hidden after 15 minutes from their initial generation or subsequent regeneration.

While automatic masking offers a layer of security, it's crucial to remember that these tokens should never be shared.

Product Release – API keys encryption

New Discount Configurator

At the beginning of 2024, we completely remodeled the Discount Configurator to improve the process of building discounts. The Discount Configurator now helps you configure discounts by showing examples of how particular discount effects are applied to a cart. 

The new builder includes the following steps:

  • Discount category: Order discount, Product discounts, Free products, Free shipping
  • Discount types and effects (grouped under discount categories).
  • Discount value – static or dynamic. Some discounts have additional limits.
  • Validation rules (optional).

Learn more about the new Discount Configurator >

In Q2, you can also expect a brand-new discount category – product replacement. The discount code will be able to trigger a replacement of a specific order item to cover scenarios with upsizing. For instance, the application of a promo code will exchange a small drink for a medium one.

Product Release – New Discount Configurator

New Ruby SDK

We have a real treat for the Ruby users. We’ve just released a brand-new Ruby SDK covering plenty more API endpoints than the previous version. The new SDK version will be consistently updated with new endpoints and end-to-end tests for the selected key endpoints. Keep in mind that the new SDK is not backward compatible with the previous version. 

Get the new Ruby SDK >

What’s coming in Q2?

With our product team already working on some pretty amazing stuff to come out in Q2, I am happy to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming soon.

  • More UX improvements – we continue to deliver more and more improvements to our Dashboard experience. Soon, you can expect streamlined views for managing and segmenting customers and setting up distributions.

  • Product replacement discount type – we have a real treat, especially for our clients from the QSR brands, with the new replace_product discount type, a promo code or a promotion can activate a product exchange – for instance, granting a bigger menu item. 
  • Bin view – better late than never! We’re adding a bin view for all your softly deleted items so you no longer need to contact our lovely support to permanently delete specific objects.

  • Project management API – another life-saver for enterprise-level organizations is coming soon. With the new Project API, you will be able to create, modify, and manage project settings without having to click through the Dashboard creator manually. New methods in Management API include:

    • Creating a project via API.
    • Setting the currency and timezone via API.
    • Setting and managing API usage notifications via API.
    • Setting and managing webhooks.
    • Metadata schema is configurable on the whole organization level but will be transferable between projects.

  • Assignment of referral code to referees – up until now, the referral code has been published for the referrer (and is visible in the customer’s wallet), but it was impossible to assign it to the potential referee in any way. With this change, the referral codes will be also assigned and retrievable for invited friends and visible in their wallets.

  • New Python SDK – another improvement to our SDKs is coming soon with the new and improved SDK for Python.

That’s all for this quarter! Stay in the loop for our product updates in 2024 by following our Release Notes and subscribing to our newsletter (find it in the site footer).


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