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Product updates
Q2 2024 Product Update: Management APIs & Stores
Julia Gaj
Julia Gaj
July 1, 2024
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Q2 2024 Product Update: Management APIs & Stores

As summer heats up, our team has been tirelessly developing incredible features to enhance your experience before you take that well-deserved break. Let's dive into our product teams' progress in Q2 and see what we have lined up for Q3.

Stay updated with the latest developments at Voucherify by following our Release Notes. Do you have an idea for a new feature? We'd love to hear it! Share your suggestions with us through our collaborative roadmap.

Management APIs

In Q2, we’ve rolled out a suite of new API endpoints to streamline account-related operations. These endpoints facilitate a variety of tasks including:

  • Setting up and managing projects.
  • Inviting and managing users.
  • Creating metadata and custom events schemas.
  • Establishing stacking rules.
  • Defining webhooks.

With the introduction of our Management APIs, you can efficiently create and configure new projects, add users, and manage settings, significantly reducing project delivery times and minimizing the risk of errors in project setup.

Please note that our Management APIs are still under development, and we are continuously working to enhance these endpoints. Currently, this feature is exclusively available to users on our Enterprise plans.

Learn more about Management APIs > 

Areas & Stores (beta)

Large organizations often struggle with executing promotional campaigns across various regions and stores.

That’s why we are introducing Areas and Stores, which simplify creating promotions tailored to specific locations. This tool helps you set up Areas as markets and Stores as individual sales points. Soon, you'll be able to assign campaigns directly to these areas or stores, enabling more targeted and efficient promotions without needing separate projects.

Q2 Updated: Areas and Stores

Follow this feature here > 

Discount effect: Upgrade Bonus

We've introduced a new type of discount – Upgrade Bonus. With the Upgrade Bonus discount, you can replace one order item or an item from a collection with another item. For example, codes offering the Upgrade Bonus can upgrade a medium-sized coffee to a large coffee.

Q2 Update: Upgrade Bonus

Discover all discount effects >

What’s coming in Q3?

With our product team already working on some exciting new features set to launch in Q3, I'm happy to give you a sneak peek at what's coming soon.

  • Campaign templates – currently, you need to set up campaigns manually for each project, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. Soon, you will be able to create campaign templates that can be reused across projects, making the process much faster and simpler.

  • Dashboard improvements – we’re continuing to improve the UI experience for non-technical users. Soon, you will see a brand-new Distribution Manager and new filtering views. We hope you’ll like it!

  • New discount limit – we’re working on introducing a new discount limit marking the offer applicable only once per product.

  • Discount application sequence – with a new application hierarchy, you will be able to define that the discount should be applied starting from the cheapest to the most expensive order item

More news from Q2

The Loyalty Lab for B2C and B2B 

If you have missed our webinars covering how to build successful loyalty programs featuring Tom Peace, the Loyalty Expert from The Loyalty People, you can now watch them on-demand.

Go here to see the B2C edition >

Go here to see the B2B edition > 

Want to catch up in person?  

Our team will be present at several upcoming events in Q3: DMEXCO, Women in MACH London, and Braze Forge in Las Vegas. Contact us to grab a coffee (or tea) together!

Q2 Update: Where to Meet Us

That’s all for this quarter! Stay in the loop for our product updates in 2024 by following our Release Notes and subscribing to our newsletter (find it in the site footer).


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