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Scalable Mass Coupon Distribution or How to Eat a Herd of Elephants?

Imagine a global brand that wants to use coupons and vouchers to run marketing campaigns. The brand wants to manage these campaigns centrally, but it does not run their distribution networks directly. Instead, these networks are run by local partners.

Scalable Mass Coupon Distribution or How to Eat a Herd of Elephants?

I’m sure you’ve heard this line before:

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

What about a herd, though? Without a big enough appetite, you might find yourself wondering how to go about eating more than one and at that point, what do you do? Well, by the same logic, you go one at a time! For that amount of elephants, however, you’d better invite some friends over for dinner.

What's up with the elephants?

Well, isn’t a marketing campaign a bit like this proverbial elephant? You allocate a nice big pool of coupons or vouchers, and then they get redeemed, one at a time.You may, however, need to scale beyond that. Especially at large multi-tier organizations where it becomes necessary to distribute the efforts involved in running campaigns by delegating campaign execution to partners – and also to coordinate and monitor their efforts efficiently.If you find yourself looking for a coupon/voucher management system that would work well in such complex scenarios, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will discuss how to address these scenarios with bulk coupon distribution, making the best use of Voucherify.

Wholesale coupon distribution

Imagine a global brand that wants to use coupons and vouchers to run marketing campaigns. The brand wants to manage these campaigns centrally, but it does not run their distribution networks directly. Instead, these networks are run by local partners.

To run the campaigns, the brand makes vouchers and coupons available to local partners, so that they can purchase them in bulk and thus participate in the campaign. Partners then distribute vouchers and coupons to their end customers, who in turn can redeem them at any merchant point each partner operates.

Putting it to work

Needless to say, implementing such a scheme requires a capable coupon/voucher management system – and that is exactly where Voucherify fits in.Firstly, as a marketing manager coordinating the global campaign, you are free to create as many projects in Voucherify as you need. Each of these projects can be assigned to a distribution partner you work with.Partners will be assigned the User role for their project, which means that they will be able to distribute vouchers and coupons for campaigns you define, but they will not modify the campaigns.With that in place, once a partner decides to participate in your campaign and purchases a voucher/coupon pool from you, you can simply create a Campaign in the partner's project that will contain the desired number of vouchers or coupons. The partner can then use Voucherify in the standard way to distribute the coupons to their end customers.Furthermore, the partner is able to create merchant accounts as necessary for their distribution network. Each of these accounts will have limited functionality and only be able to redeem and validate vouchers and coupons.They will, however, also be provided with dedicated API keys, so all redemptions that take place at the merchant point are uniquely associated with the corresponding merchant account.

Everyone gets what they need

Setting this up in Voucherify makes delegation and distribution a breeze. Voucherify provides everyone in the scheme with the tools they need to take care of their part in running the campaign.The global campaign manager gets to allocate the coupon/voucher pools and can also see directly in the Voucherify GUI how well each of the partners is doing with the campaign. He doesn’t have to worry about the implementation details or information flows within the partner systems as everything runs on the Voucherify platform. He also doesn’t have to worry that partners will get in each other’s way as partner access to Voucherify is cleanly separated at GUI and API levels. Each partner will only see the coupons and voucher pools he works with, and not what is going on in other partner accounts.Partners get access to all the effective means of distributing coupons and vouchers to the end customers that Voucherify has on offer. These include email and SMS distribution as well as integration with MailChimp. They also don’t have to worry about how to enable their merchants to redeem coupons and vouchers, the Voucherify API takes care of that. And, last but not least, they will be able to check the campaign performance of each merchant point as the Voucherify GUI will provide exact redemption numbers.Finally, merchants don’t have to worry about how to make sure they can redeem the coupons and vouchers. Voucherify provides them with an API that can be integrated into any sales channel, including POS and online channels. As usual with Voucherify, the integration will only need to be done once and can then be reused across future campaigns.

Beware of the elephant in the room

When considering large scale marketing campaigns, implementation across a distributed organization that spans multiple business partners may easily become an elephant in the room.With Voucherify though, this does not need to be the case. Voucherify cuts through the elephant and provides a single coupon/voucher management system that will support you and your partners throughout the voucher/coupon lifecycle.Take the trial if you haven’t already, I’m sure you’ll find yourself considering larger scale campaigns in no time as, all of a sudden, they’ll feel much more manageable.


No elephants were harmed, consumed or in the room during the creation of this post. Any resemblance to actual elephants living or otherwise is purely coincidental.

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