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How PartsAvatar achieved 150% of referral targets with Voucherify

How PartsAvatar achieved 150% of referral targets with Voucherify


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

150% of referral targets in two months


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

15% uplift in sales


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

5+ customers re-engaged daily
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How PartsAvatar achieved 150% of referral targets with Voucherify
Burnaby, Canada
100-150 employees
Tech Stack
Custom ecommerce system, Klaviyo
Talking to:
Sandip Chaudhuri, VP of Product Marketing
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PartsAvatar, Canada's #1 online auto parts store, offers a broad range of spare parts and performance enhancements, all at wholesale rates. To provide customers with a wide selection of top-brand merchandise, PartsAvatar leverages an extensive network of suppliers and warehouses across Canada.

Key challenges

  • Finding an API-centric software provider that would be quickly integrated into their custom ecommerce system.
  • Moving away from an in-house promotion system to an external one, to give control over campaigns to non-technical teams.
  • Ensuring the security of customer and product data used to target offers.

4 weeks for complete integration

Before joining forces with Voucherify, PartsAvatar struggled with an in-house coupon system that was burdensome for their development team and limiting in terms of campaign flexibility. To solve this, the team was looking for an external promotion engine that would not only facilitate the roll out of legacy coupon campaigns but also allow for future expansion into offering gift cards, running referrals, and even building a membership program.

“Thanks to the smooth integration with Voucherify APIs, we now have complete flexibility over our promotional activities without being restricted by our legacy system.”

PartsAvatar partnered with Voucherify due to API-centric architecture, extensive possibilities for future expansion and stellar support and onboarding process facilitated by Voucherify expert Technical Account Managers.

The integration process was split into two phases:

  • Integration Setup: The initial integration took approximately 2 weeks, focusing on basic validation and redemption scenarios.
  • Data Migration: An additional two weeks were dedicated to migrating over 1 million customers and other data points (product, orders) into Voucherify to facilitate future segmentation and campaign targeting.

Besides building an API integration between Voucherify and PartsAvatar custom ecommerce system, the team also connected Klaviyo as their go-to platform for customer engagement – enhancing their marketing capabilities further by sending personalized emails messages, including order updates, account alerts and other marketing offers.

Modeling user behavior with promo codes

PartsAvatar has rolled out plenty of Voucherify-powered promo campaigns so far. Thanks to advanced segmentation, PartsAvatar rewards new customers with an exclusive 10% discount through the "Welcome Codes" campaign, strengthening the bond right from the first purchase. They also use win-back campaigns and abandoned cart offers – getting over 5 customers to return daily.

Their seasonal campaigns such as the "Summer Save" and "Garage Sale", powered by generic codes, generate buzz during predefined periods, contributing to substantial revenue growth and 15%+ uplift in sales.

PartsAvatar case study – campaign visuals

PartsAvatar also offers B2B sales, with extra discounts provided to business clients – with plans underway for implementing tier-level discounts based on spending amount. Additionally, PartsAvatar's personalized promotions include free products, specifically catering to customers opting for pick-up methods over shipping (transferred by metadata) – this way PartsAvatar is able to incentivize specific user behaviors profitable to their brand instead of offering discounts available in all purchasing scenarios.

“Of all the available providers, Voucherify met all our requirements, not only because of the value-based pricing or the helpful integration team, but also by leaving the door open to continuously develop new ideas. As a result, we are able to achieve remarkable outcomes which motivates us to keep going.”

To drive personalization further, PartsAvatar uses Voucherify dynamic discounts where the ultimate discount value is based on the customer, order, or product context.

Driving acquistion with referrals

To increase customer acquisition, PartsAvatar is also running a two-sided referral program where both the advocate and friend receive 10% off their next orders. The program is carried out via Klaviyo which is connected to Voucherify via webhooks. The team uses Voucherify landing pages functionality to run the program.

PartsAvatar case study – referral program visual

The advocate dashboard is powered by Voucherify cockpit functionality. Advocates can visit this space at any time to track their referral status:

The Parts Avatar advocate dashboard powered by Voucherify

As for future plans, PartsAvatar is planning to incorporate gift cards, cart promotions, discount stacking, and even a membership program at the beginning of 2024.


150% of referral targets in two months
15% uplift in sales
5+ customers re-engaged daily
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