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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Wilfred went B2C in the middle of a global pandemic

How Wilfred went B2C in the middle of a global pandemic

How Wilfred went B2C in the middle of a global pandemic
Food & Beverages
11-50 employees
Customer since
Gustavo Minacci, CEO

Wilfred is an Italian business offering high-quality beef products. This originally B2B company used to cooperate mostly with local restaurants that relied on them for good quality meat. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and a whole country stuck in lockdown, Wilfred had to change its business profile from B2B to B2C direct sales to survive. The brand needed help in running digital promotions to convert more customers and increase brand awareness. Voucherify was the perfect choice due to the flexible API and developer-friendliness. Taking an ongoing crisis into consideration, Voucherify offered Wilfred a cost-effective plan to help the company quickly get started with digital promotions without burning their marketing budget.

“We are trying to have an API-first approach. That’s why we were happy that we found Voucherify.”
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Key challenges

  • Moving into the B2C direct sales model.
  • Increasing customer acquisition rates.
  • Investing in word-of-mouth channels.
  • Quick integration with e-commerce platforms.

Wilfred was looking for a flexible solution for handling promotions that at the same time would be a good value for money. After analyzing several other promotional management tools, they went for Voucherify due to scalable pricing and a vast array of promotional features. Since the beginning, Wilfred wanted to use all the functionalities that the Voucherify API provides.

The company first integrated Voucherify into its ERP platform, email automation system, and customer data platform ( which offers out-of-the-box integration with Voucherify) to achieve the full marketing capabilities offered by Voucherify. It took Wilfred a few hours to make their first successful API calls.

“The main reason for us to use Voucherify is that we get the best of breed platform which can handle all promotional workflows and that we don’t have to build all that intelligence into our system.”

Wilfred initiated its customer acquisition campaign with a double-sided referral program with percentage discounts for both the referrer and referee to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition rates. By now, the company has already launched several marketing campaigns with Voucherify focusing primarily on discount vouchers. The most common types of redemption limitations used for vouchers are based on customer segments (e.g., new customers) and total order amount. Voucherify webhooks help in the distribution of the codes.

“It’s not a coincidence that we use Voucherify – it fits into our culture, digital strategy, and API-first architecture.”

The company is still heavily focused on exploring different customer acquisition channels with plans to launch gift cards, influencer referral campaigns, and complex cart promotions in the future.


Increased customer acquisition numbers
Scalable promotions management software
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