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Computer Cluster Definition

A computer cluster is a set of computers (machines) that work together as a single system. More specifically, a cluster is a group of nodes hosted on virtual machines and connected within a virtual private cloud. New virtual machines can be added and removed on demand allowing for high scalability. Clusters can be region-specific, allowing for better latency and resilience.

How do clusters work in Voucherify?

Voucherify is shipped from shared clusters located on three continents. Our primary clusters are located in Europe (Ireland), the US (East Coast), and Asia (Singapore). While setting up the account, it is recommended to create a project in the cluster that is the closest to you or your customers. This approach will guarantee the best response times and application performance overall. 

If you are worried about scale, data security, or platform stability, you can request a private cluster that can be hosted anywhere in the world. Voucherify runs on Amazon Web Services which allows us to deliver the best performance, scaling options, and data security. 

For more information on Voucherify cloud, go here.

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