The Loyalty Lab: Crafting B2C Loyalty Programs That Drive Customer Retention
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Loyalty Earning Rule Definition

Earning rule (also called reward action) defines an action (event) that assigns a particular number of loyalty points to a customer. In Voucherify, is it possible to set three different earning rules that assign either a fixed or proportional number of points – customers entering selected segments, customers making any or specific orders, or members performing custom events (e.g., profile completion). All earning rules can be further customized with the use of validation rules.

How to build effective earning rules?

If you decide to build a loyalty program with Voucherify, there are no limits on the number and type of earning rules that you can create. However, there are some good practices to follow when designing the reward actions:

  • Keep the number of earning rules limited – building too many rules upfront may cause the program to be confusing and overwhelming for members. 
  • Make the reward actions clear & transparent – opt for using simple rules that do not require much effort from members. 
  • Add gamification – with Voucherify-powered loyalty levels, you can attach different value and timeframe for earning rules for different segments. For example, VIP customers receive double points for orders. 

To learn more about earning rules in Voucherify, go here.

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