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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

White Label Software Definition

White labeling is a process of removing the original branding and logo from a product or service and using a new branding and logo requested by the user. In the context of promotion software, white label solutions allow buyers to add own branding to the software itself (for example, to the dashboard) as well as to all frontend (customer-facing) elements. 

Although initially white labeling was only applied to physical products, it has now become equally popular in digital products and services such as software solutions, online payment services, credit card processing, and more.

The price of white label products is often relatively low. Outsourcing software eliminates the need to create separate infrastructure and incurring the costs associated with software creation and maintenance. 

What are the benefits of white label solutions?

  • Customization – it is possible to fully brand and configure an external solution to unique business needs. 
  • Branding - by white labeling external business components, brands can build a much more professional and cohesive brand identity, without wasting time and money on building micro-services from scratch. 
  • Better customer experience – white labeling also means a smoother journey for end customers who won’t need to interact with external providers during their buying journey.

To learn more about white labeling options in Voucherify, go here.

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