How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Stop hurting your bottom line and invest in an API-first Offer Management Platform

Send out and manage personalised closed loop offers that drive ROI and build better brand engagement.

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Break the cycle of hit-or-miss offers

Running a myriad of irrelevant, one-fits-all offers will get your business nowhere. Stop wasting money on offers that were never meant to work. Instead, release highly personalised offers to predefined customers and deliver engaging and impactful content to your audience.

How it works?

Integrate your POS with Voucherify Offer Management Platform

Leverage developer-friendly building blocks such as flexible REST API, SDKs, UI widgets, sandbox environment, detailed logs or webhooks. Our API is simple and easy to use with the fastest integration being 1-hour long!

Multi-layered customer data platform

Make your customer data actionable with complex customer attributes and dynamic audience segmentation. Create individual or segmental holistic customer profiles that always keep you one step ahead in offering delightful customer experiences.

Shower your customers with personalised offers

Make your rewards and incentives memorable and personal by basing them on customer attributes, purchase history and overall activity. Deliver incentives that fire your customers with enthusiasm.

Design custom offer workflow

You’re in charge of your offers and how they are going to play out. Set complex redemption rules and coupon eligibility limitations to make your offers reach only designated customers.

Deliver your offers across any digital channel

Take advantage of built-in integrations or use more traditional messaging channels, such as email or SMS. Design your messages and automate their delivery.

Closed loop offers

Voucherify takes care of your offers throughout their entire lifecycle. You can release offers, automate their delivery across numerous digital channels, redeem them at checkout and create easily updatable 360° customer profiles that let you create more personalised and more intelligent offers every time.

Fine-grained offer access restrictions

Don’t share your incentives with everyone - target only specific customer segments that will truly appreciate your offers. Base your offer eligibility on customer attributes, order structure, past transactional activity or any other custom attribute thanks to custom fields.

You can protect your personalized offers both against fraud attempts on the part of customers but also against internal communication mishaps by establishing proper access workflow, assigning roles to different Voucherify users and requesting approval of the managing users to any changes made in your campaigns.

Gain valuable insights into your closed loop offers

Analyse customer activities across all digital channels and POS. Track redemptions, orders, distributions and any other customer activity thanks to detailed logs and transparent data charts. Leverage real-time notifications and extensive API infrastructure to collect, store and analyse customer data straight from marketer-friendly dashboard.

Your offers could use some company

We offer you a set of built-in integrations with the most popular CRM and messaging tools, such as Salesforce, Braze, MailChimp or Moltin. Interweave your existing ecommerce stack with Voucherify Offer Management Platform to create an omni-channel customer experience using tools that already work for your business.

Make your deal the Next Best Offer

Keep you customer engaged by delivering relevant and personalized offers based on previous customer activities. Let your customers know that you appreciate them by offering them rewards and other incentives for being with you or monetize unique customer actions besides purchases. Draw insights from Voucherify data management platform to come up with the next best deal that’s just too good to resist.

Contextual messaging

Deliver your offers to customers via numerous channels:

Make your offers stand out with Voucherify Distribution Manager and Landing Pages Designer. Reach out to customers by name to make your offers feel special and increase message open rates thanks to dynamic segmentation.

A Complete Offer Management Platform

Marketer-friendly dashboard with a set of ready-to-implement campaign ideas

Transparent API infrastructure that saves your developers’ time and shortens the time to market

Dedicated 24/7 support with solution architects ready to assist you in case you bump into any problems

Secure offer redemption at the checkout with real-time notifications and dynamic segmentation

Dedicated customer data platform that allows for smooth personalisation of your offers

Complete data tracking solution at your fingertips

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