A cost-efficient alternative to Talon.One

Why would you use a Promotion Engine at a price of a complete ecommerce platform? Make a switch and start running personalized promotions without overspending.
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How Voucherify compares to Talon.One?

Everything you need to consider when comparing Voucherify and Talon.One Promotion Engines

More affordable promotion engine
Usage-based & predictable pricing
Our pricing is based on your actual usage. You only pay for the number of customer interactions with your campaigns (using promotions, checking points, etc.). This translates to the number of API calls made. This keeps costs predictable and allows you to optimize your usage for maximum efficiency.
Scalable Talon.One alternative
Robust performance & security
Power through high-traffic campaigns with proven reliability. Voucherify is built to scale, supporting complex multi-region deployments for maximum reach. ISO 27001 certified security ensures your data is always protected. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and sub-100ms response times keep your promotions running smoothly, no matter the traffic.
Enhanced team management process
The same features for less
While Voucherify offers a robust feature set comparable to Talon.One, we take it a step further with our open roadmap. This means we're constantly evolving and committed to adding the features you need most. Plus, our  highly customizable platform gives you the freedom to tailor promotions  exactly to your vision.

A pricing framework that scales to value you receive

We've seen Talon.One get caught in the "black box" pricing trap. Their pricing is hidden and based on factors unrelated to your actual needs, like company size. Our mission is to help you drive real ROI from your promotions – and paying for a promotion engine the same amount as you do for your core ecommerce infrastructure just doesn’t add up.
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See how Tier Mobility reduced their subscription costs by 50% with Voucherify

Same features for less – you are not dreaming

This is why we can offer lower prices than the competition, without hooks: 

More affordable promotion engine
Great DevOps team
Our devs work hard on making our platform as cost-efficient and performant as possible. We have a very low turnover resulting in a highly knowledgeable and experienced team (some of us are here for 10+ years already).
Scalable Talon.One alternative
Standard cloud-native tools
We work with AWS and have ready integrations and partnerships with many software vendors you work with already. This experience helps us distribute the traffic better and reduce the costs of infrastructure.
Number of customers
300+ active customers
Using shared data clusters and efficiencies of scale drives the price lower for everyone. 
Lower marketing costs compared to Talon.One
Low marketing costs
We don’t run paid ads, PR, or invest in the biggest booths at conferences. Our marketing is focused on educational content and creating a great product that speaks for itself.
Fully bootstrapped company
We choose what we invest in and we follow a lean approach to building our product. This allows us to be efficient and offer lower prices to our customers.

Scalability and performance – you can count on us

Millions of redemptions, hundreds of thousands of API calls? No problem. Voucherify helps F500 enterprises scale seamlessly during high-traffic events.  Our secure infrastructure is rigorously tested and proven to deliver uninterrupted performance when you need it most.
Promotion implementation support from Voucherify team

High traffic support – 2500+ transactions per minute with fast API response times (<50ms).

Auto-scaling promotion system for your team

Sustained load handling – 12 000+ requests per minute under sustained load.

Guaranteed performance for large-scale campaigns

Scaling in minutes – from an idle state to  a surge of 3300+ customers per minute in under 3 minutes.

GDPR and ISO compliance

Confirmed security – launch mission-critical projects with GDPR, CCPA, and ISO 27001 certified platform.

Streamlined campaign management

Quick data sync – 5000+ customers making orders and checking loyalty balance per minute with 1 second per transaction.

Multi-country and currency support

Performant across channels – 3300+ redemptions per minute in a POS with  response time < 100 ms.

Trouble-free migration

Feeling stuck with an expensive provider that you don’t know how to use? We are here to get you going again. No need for custom migration scripts or dedicated tech team to make the switch. Just send us your promotion data in CSV files and our team will help you migrate, without hitting the brakes on your campaigns.

Any more questions? 

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