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Why Choose   Voucherify over Talon.One?

Are you looking for a Talon.One alternative? Learn more about
Voucherify principles and architecture to make an informed
decision and run personalized promotions without overspending.
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Over 300 enterprises scale with Voucherify

How and why we compare?

As much as we want to publish an honest feature comparison, we can’t create one without bias. We could point out that Voucherify is the only promotion engine which comes with an omnichannel distribution capabilities or select features to our favor. However, we believe it’s not a Voucherify and comparison you’re looking for.
What we do know is that for the API-first enterprise software, it’s more important to highlight the differences in principles, architecture, and pricing.
This way, you can learn which platform is more aligned with your needs.
Illustration showing the architecture of modern platforms with Voucherify as a promotion engine
UI illustration presenting different sales promotions.

Launch, maintain, and combine promotions

Unlike Talon.One, Voucherify gives you dedicated perspectives for every promotion type. Coupon, loyalty, referral, discount, gift card, and giveaway creators help you define error-free conditions and monitor campaigns in detail on every stage of promotion lifecycle.

This doesn’t rule out promotions combining and stacking. A coupon campaign can be used as reward in a loyalty program, successful referral may result in extra loyalty points, which you can treat as currency – you get the point (pun intended).

Use dedicated campaign creators

Ensure data integrity and faster onboarding with dedicated creators per campaign type. Separate campaign builders and a marketer-friendly UI make Voucherify the obvious choice for your marketing team thanks to a shallow learning curve.
UI shot of a discount coupon builder with discount effects selected.
Code snippet presenting create campaign API endpoint

Integrate fast with flexible API and data model

Voucherify API is designed to support iterative development.

With fine-grained REST endpoints, you can roll-out promotional campaigns according to your business priorities, without large up-front integration.

We say no to one-size-fits-all approach to promotional campaigns implementation. A rich set of built-in objects and proven abstractions ensure data integrity and increase the speed of development.

For maximum flexibility, Voucherify data model can be easily extended with custom fields and objects (metadata) that let you run customised campaigns.

Trouble-free migration

Feeling stuck with an expensive provider that you don’t know how to use?  We are here to get you going again. No need for custom migration scripts or dedicated tech team to make the switch. Just send us your promotion data in CSV files and our team will help you migrate, without hitting the brakes on your campaigns.

How Voucherify stacks up against Talon.One?

Everything you need to consider when comparing Voucherify and Talon.One Promotion Engines

No hidden setup fees, pay-as-you-go model based on your usage, no lock-ins, a free plan and a free trial that can be prolonged while you build your integration. 
Proven performance and reliability on high-traffic campaigns and enterprise-grade solutions for complex multi-region deployments. 
Mountain-shaped icon
Round-the-clock customer support
Voucherify is customer-centric all the way. We are a small and highly dedicated team of professionals ready to help anytime and anywhere.
Quick onboarding
Intuitive campaign creators, advanced options only if you need them.
Iterative integration
No need to fully integrate upfront. Integrate what you need to launch your campaign, and extend it later.
We are open to hearing your feedback on what features and functionalities you would like to see implemented in Voucherify.
Quynh Phan Thuy

The coupon system is an extremely crucial aspect of food delivery, and with the Vietnamese market volatility regarding coupon schemes, it is not an understatement to say that Voucherify is one of our main platforms to operate daily.

Choose scalability, security & transparency

Unlike Talon.One, Voucherify is an open platform. Open documentation, free trial and plan, lower pricing tiers for POCs, cancel anytime policy – all to help you make sure that Voucherify is the right choice, on your schedule. Pay for the API usage you need instead of paying extra for features you’ll never use. And a bonus – you get all features straight away. 
There’s no setup fee, you pay for what you use, and can upgrade & downgrade anytime – Voucherify allows you to scale as you grow.
And you can rest assured we’re ready for your growth. With secure and reliable infrastructure, we help clients run mission-critical projects, handling millions of redemptions and hundreds of thousands API calls per hour.
Illustration of the world with dots presenting different server locations

Start small, scale fast, and keep your data secure

  1. Dedicated clusters and servers located all around the world (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and more).
  2. GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS compliance.
  1. Streamlined team management with custom user roles, approval workflows.
  2. Multifactor authentication & SAML.
  1. Data encryption, response SLAs, and custom IP restrictions.
  2. Regular security audits, 24/7 platform monitoring, and audit logs.

Need a more detailed comparison before making a choice?

Contact our team to get the complete Voucherify vs. Talon.One breakdown.