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There are various solutions out there that offer similar features to ours. Promotion management systems with multi-channel support that allow you to create loyalty and referral programs, coupon promotions, in-cart discounts and gift card campaigns. API-first, offering fast integration and developer-friendly approach. In fact, there are quite a few on the market. 

We want to help you make the right decision so we have put together a short guide that will help you decide which option is the best for you. 

Promotional Toolkit

1. Setup components

Interweave promotions into your marketing channels in next to no time

2. Personalization tools

Target shoppers withthe right incentives at the right time

3. Management suite

Keep your finger on the pulse with reporting and workflow control

The main differences between Voucherify and alternatives are: 

1. Features - Voucherify has unique features like custom metadata and custom events (that enable full customization of promo workflows), wide offer of validation rules, giveaway campaigns, landing pages creator, customizable customer cockpits, random code generator and mobile app to support in-store validations.These are just a few features  that we have not found among other alternatives. Check the features that software that you are considering to use provides and which ones are the most important for you and your business. 
2. Enterprise features - We offer special features for enterprise customers like role-based access controland enterprise infrastructure. For our enterprise customers we also offer consultation with our experts, dedicated support and possibility of development of custom features or integrations. 
3. Pricing - According to our customers, Voucherify offers much lower prices than most competitors. Our prices are transparent and you can always find them here: https://www.voucherify.io/pricing.
4. Free trial - We provide a free trial for 1 month open for all, no credit card or demo required. It is a very easy way to try out our features and see the interface you would be working with. We strongly suggest you try Voucherify.io as well as the alternatives before making the decision. 
5. User guides - Voucherify provides in-depth user guides that you can find here. We offer video tutorials and online webinars to support you during the onboarding. Our dashboard has “help” icons at every feature level so that you can always find the relevant supporting manual at the right place.
6. API-first approach - we offer full API documentation online which you can find here. We have built our product to be developer-friendly; we offer fast integration thanks to in-depth and easy-to-understand documentation. 
7. Transparency - we try to provide all the As for all your Qs, by creating detailed pages with feature descriptions, supporting you on our community channel or support. We share with you all the product updates in a monthly product newsletter and share with you our product roadmap.
8. Uptime - Voucherify offers 99,9% uptime. Be sure to check what the alternatives you are considering offer. 
These are the most important differentiators of Voucherify and the characteristics you should take into account when choosing the best software for your company. 
We are happy to help you further with your decision. 

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