eCommerce UX Hacks for Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Discover how to enhance your promotions and loyalty programs based on UX facts, not myths.
Hosted by:

Julia Gaj

Product Marketing Manager

Kamil Szymczak

Senior Product Designer at Divante

Unlocking the power of Voucherify and Braze

Discover how Taxfix, a hugely successful fintech company, achieved a staggering 95% increase in referral registrations by harnessing the combined power of Voucherify, Braze, and Amazon Incentives.

In this session, Amy Cannon and Christina Doubara will delve deep into the referral strategies and technology that propelled Taxfix to this remarkable milestone.

  1. Learn the steps Taxfix took to supercharge their referral program.
  2. Explore strategies to boost your referral marketing efforts via Voucherify & Braze.