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Measuring loyalty - Voucherify loyalty calculator that computes the loyalty score for you

December 10, 2019

Try out the new loyalty calculator to measure the top loyalty metrics for your customer base and your loyalty rewards program.

Measuring loyalty with Voucherify calculator

Voucherify loyalty calculator is fully equipped to measure the top loyalty metrics of your audience and the performance of the loyalty rewards programs that have already been released. 

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Loyal customers and brand advocates constitute a small group of your target audience, yet they make a huge difference for your business. Loyal customers are far more likely to spend more on your products and come back to repeat a purchase. Launching a loyalty program can be a great way to first identify and then reward loyal customers which in hindsight leads to increase in customer referrals, recommendations, positive reviews and increased brand advocacy. 

What loyalty metrics can Voucherify calculator compute for you?

Regarding the performance of your loyalty program, Voucherify calculator will help you to compute the redemption, participation, and engagement rates of your audience. All you need to know is how many customers officially enrolled in your rewards program, and how many out of issued loyalty points have been redeemed for rewards. Speaking of rewards, visit this article to explore the possibilities offered by stepping beyond traditional point-based loyalty models. 

But Voucherify loyalty calculator can do much more - fed with proper CRM data; it can calculate the general loyalty metrics of your customer base and help you plan future loyalty ventures taking into account rates such as CLV, CAC, or churn.

Voucherfiy Loyalty Calculator Overview
Voucherify Loyalty Calculator

If you are not sure what all these marketing acronyms stand for, visit our article explaining top loyalty metrics for your business

What should I do after calculating my loyalty score?

After calculating your loyalty score, you may want to either improve the performance of already running rewards programs that fell short of your expectations or act on the data that you acquired. If you are willing to make changes to your loyalty scheme, visit this article to learn more about the best features of loyalty program software

However, if you are yet to invest in brand advocacy, visit this piece to learn about the best ways to increase the attractiveness of your brand in the customers’ eyes. Spoiler alert: loyalty and referral programs are not the only loyalty-boosting initiative at your disposal, but they tend to be the easiest to design, launch and track, especially if you would like to use already existing loyalty infrastructure that for instance Voucherify offers. 

Additional notes on Voucherify loyalty calculator

  • Voucherify loyalty calculator is free and available to everyone, not only to our clients. If you are interested in using Voucherify API-first platform with an array of customer-oriented incentives, we offer you a free 30-day trial, no credit card required and with no strings attached. 
  • If you want to use our loyalty calculator to the fullest, it’s best if you have dedicated CRM infrastructure in place to find all the needed data necessary to measure selected loyalty metrics. 
  • Another thing to consider is that Voucherify uses US Dollar ($) as its default currency when computing CLV and CAC metrics. 

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