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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Retain your customers with Voucherify App for Intercom

The key to retaining clients is good damage control. Each dissatisfied customer can become your best advocate if you respond promptly and personally.

Retain your customers with Voucherify App for Intercom

To make it possible, Voucherify released a special app for Intercom, which enables you to trigger a “sorry” coupon straight from the Messenger window to begin to heal a customer’s negative experience instantly. Ultimately, most customers will forgive your stumbles, but it’s very unlikely they will patiently wait for you to notice them and respond. A prompt response should be the first priority regarding any customer complaint.


Instant and personalized responses are vital to managing customer complaints successfully in terms of rebuilding a customer’s trust and loyalty. The way you write your apology needs to create a feeling that you are genuinely regretful and are providing them with personal attention. Customized messages sound true in the customers’ eyes and show them your attention is 100% focused on their submitted issue.

Sorry coupons from Intercom to retain customers

High-quality customer service plays a huge role in retaining customers after a negative buying experience. Keeping this in mind, the Voucherify app allows you to configure a schema with mistake priorities mapped to specific promo codes. Thanks to a predefined mapping, complaint management becomes fast and straightforward.

Connecting Voucherify and Intercom

Pulling it Together - Intercom and 'sorry' coupons

Zalando sends their customers 50% of their related order value in case of a submitted complaint, without requiring any verification of the reported issue. They validate the fairness of a complaint only when a customer asks for 100% of an order value, which is actually very easy to address and comes down to sending back the product(s) for free. Instant repayment soothes pain points and leaves customers with a feeling they have been trusted and heard by you.

The Voucherify app makes this kind of solution available for smaller budgets. Immediately sending out coupons or gift cards delivers a measurable value to your customer. It is similar to what Zalando does, but without the risk of harming your budget through misuse.

Promotion Engine for your Intercom Account

The Live Chat feature brought a brand new value to customer support. This tribute to modern tech-friendly consumers constantly pushes out traditional marketing channels and can be much more than a support tool. It may help you acquire new customers, keep opt-ins satisfied, and build long-term relationships with your audience. If you need inspiration for your live chat promotions, read our recent post.

Voucherify lets you plug personalized and targeted promo campaigns into your live chat. Each plan provides free Intercom integrations to retain dissatisfied customers and connects to a complex promotion management system. As a result, you can target loyalty and referral programs, coupons, gift cards, and cart-level campaigns towards your intercom segments.

Birthday coupons - Intercom and Voucherify

Remember that people tend to talk more about bad experiences than about good ones, and acquiring a new customer costs much more than convincing a client to re-purchase.

Read following guides to learn more:

At Voucherify, we are developing promotional systems for businesses of every shape and size worldwide. If you are interested in having a consultative talk to help you decide how you should implement promotional strategies, let us know at sales@voucherify.io — We are always happy to help!

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