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Give points for
profitable actions

100% customizable event system allows you to set points earning rules for every scenario

Reward customers with
targeted incentives

Personalized coupons, cart-level discounts, and gift cards will help you turn customers into advocates

Move customers through
tiers based on their activity

Dynamic segments & tiers help you set milestones which engage customers to spend more

Personalized loyalty programs in 4 steps

Who is the person and what else do we know about them?


What are their interests and how do they like to interact?

What behaviours are reward-worthy and what is the right reward currency?

Events &

What program design will motivate the right behaviours?

Complete customer loyalty management solution

With these features, creating personalized loyalty campaigns becomes straightforward

Connect email service providers, CRMs, and other online marketing tools

Flexible loyalty engine which supports dozens of loyalty programs.
Build tailored loyalty schemes in minutes

  • Points & Tiers System

  • Refer a Friend Customer Rewards

  • Multi-visit Loyalty Rewards

  • Community-Driven Membership Loyalty Rewards

  • Local Deal Loyalty Rewards

  • Ambassador Programs

  • Brand-Exclusive Membership Rewards

  • Cashback Programs

  • Paid VIP Member Club

  • Promotional Gifts

  • Gamification Programs

  • Custom

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, focus on growing your customer base
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