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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic
Customer loyalty

API-first customer loyalty management software

Customize your loyalty rewards and connect them to any marketing channel in no time

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Drive sales across the funnel with personalized rewards and incentives

Returning customers

Grow loyalty with personalized rewards

Turn your customers
into brand advocates

Connect with new customers with targeted incentives

Increased sales

Repeat customers are responsible for generating approximately 40% revenue

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Turn walk-ins into repeat business

Loyalty marketing builds engagement opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle, strengthens relationships, increases customer lifetime value and repeat purchase rate.

  • Launch omni-channel loyalty programs and manage them in one place.
  • Customer data platform with real-time segments that allow for dynamic customer personalisation.
  • Use our flexible API and marketer-friendly dashboard to build a customized customer loyalty strategy. 
  • Manage your customer segments and create campaigns that bring the most value to you and your customers. 
  • A/B test your loyalty program settings, measure your loyalty program analytics and optimize your campaigns continuously, all from one loyalty management platform.

API-first & enterprise-ready
digital promotion platform

Develop digital services with speed and confidence

Loyalty engine &
customer data platform

Loyalty system

Point-based reward programs

Rollout multi-level loyalty programs with highly-tailored rewards.

Reimbursement rebates

Damage control your dissatisfied customers with "sorry" vouchers.

Reactivation coupons

Deliver unique codes to re-engage fine-grained segments

Cross-channel delivery
online & offline

Broadcast email
Automated email
SMS & push notifications
Feed & in-app message
Landing pages & livechat
Social audiences
Print & POS

Keep them coming back, again and again

Engage customers and maximize LTV with these key enterprise platform features

Empowered teams

including marketing, engineering, and customer success

Engaged customers

across all channels — at the right time with the right reward program

Personalized rewards & incentives

Voucherify gives you the complete control on how and when to motivate your customers so they come back and become your company’s advocates

Create versatile and customer-centric incentives with: coupons, gift cards, in-app discounts, free products, loyalty points, cash, or any custom monetary and non-monetary rewards.

Leverage tiered rewards and multipliers to make loyalty campaigns more engaging and drive more sales.

Protect your loyalty budget with redemption rules based on cart content, customer attributes & purchase history.

Not only purchase — reward customer activities that have the most impact on your business, including UGC, signing up for the newsletter, attending events, social behavior and more.

Create a sense of urgency in your loyalty programs with time-specific limits and define reminders in your distribution plan.

Gamify the experience to rear friendly competition and boost participation among your customers.

Create landing pages for your loyalty campaigns with the landing page builder Voucherify offers. No more waiting for your IT team to get a landing page up and running! 

Omni-channel marketing

Engage customers in the right context and at the right time across all communication channels.

Numerous marketing channels at once

Ship your loyalty campaigns via any customer touch point: website, email, SMS, mobile app, push notification, in-app messages, landing pages, livechat, and social from one place, without the need to manage the communication channels on different platforms separately.

Contextual messaging

Trigger event-based and geo-based messages, rewarding the desired behaviour of your customers and reaching them with contextual and personalized promotions.

Dedicated landing pages

Drive awareness around your loyalty campaign and capture more visitors emails with dedicated landing pages. Read more on how to set up landing pages with Voucherify, quick and easy. 

Offline redemption

Engage brick-and-mortar shoppers with Voucherify native mobile app to boost participation in your loyalty program among less digital audience. No need for special POS equipment - mobile app can be easily installed on your customers’ phones. Read more about the mobile app coupon validation here. Discover how to track your offline campaigns here and here.

Different code formats

Match the reward format to the channel with alphanumeric, barcode and QR promo codes of desired length.


Automate your workflow across CRM platforms with webhooks to make your loyalty program stand out. 


Get started with quick integration and forget about daily calls to your dev team afterwards.

Quick integration

Voucherify's developer-friendly API can work hand-in-hand with any of your ecommerce software. And our SDKs, UI widgets, and native integrations cut down the time of integrations to hours so that you can launch a highly-personalised loyalty program without breaking the bank.

Lightning API

Developer-friendly API & SDKS to save precious time of your developers

Customer segmentation

Customer data platform with real-time segments that allow for dynamic customer personalisation

Solution for ecommerce

Native integrations with CRM & ecommerce platforms

Custom integrations

Possibility to create custom integrations for enterprise-level customers on-demand

Custom data

Custom fields (metadata) to support unique scenarios not available by default

Audit and HTTP logs

Audit and HTTP logs to allow easy access to all operations and activities performed on the account to prevent potential problems and smoothly organise work for all members of marketing and dev team involved in the process of launching your desired loyalty program.

Comprehensive Tracking & Analytics

Get insight into your customer’s engagement and how they interact with your program and come up with new solutions in real-time to drive stable customer loyalty

Secure reward redemption and point calculation

Single customer and segment views to manage your customer loyalty lifecycle on a granular and high-level at the same time

Loyalty campaigns' performance overview and customer engagement rates for both segments and individual customers

A/B testing capabilities to optimize your reward programs

Export to BI tools - merge your data to understand your customers holistically

Branding suite

We believe that uniqueness is one of the best features that you can offer your customers to drive loyalty. It's important to make your promotions consistent with your branding image. That’s why we offer you a set of ready solutions to create the loyalty program tailored to your unique needs, brand guidelines and objectives

White label on any channels to make your loyalty program truly feel like yours.

Visual emails designer to entice customers by beautiful visuals to take part in your loyalty campaign.

Flexible landing pages designer with custom domains and Google Analytics tracking.

Tailored solutions for big and small businesses

With different plans you can start small and expand your loyalty program as you grow.

  • Different access levels for different users to form a coherent and successful team.
  • Auto-updating campaigns that scale with your growth.
  • Test campaigns during free trial to see what works and what needs to be improved.

Data protection & privacy

Loyalty is all about trust and so we went out of our way to make sure that all of your loyalty programs are guaranteed to be fully compliant with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL and other international legislation

Support for both developers and marketers

Our onboarding starts with an in-depth guidance on how to leverage your ecommerce and build targeted loyalty programs that work, and how to deploy them.

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Solution engineers
  • Video onboarding guides
  • Developer documentation

A Marketer’s dashboard

Voucherify offers an easy-to-use dashboard where you can set up, optimize and track all your promotional campaigns, loyalty and referral programs. It has built-in tooltips and Help Center to support you with the onboarding process. In case something is not clear though, we have our Support Center, Community Chat and Solution Engineer to help you set up the platform.

  • Manage promotions and loyalty/referral programs without the need to involve developers (after initial integration).
  • Plan the distribution time ahead to reach your customers at the right time and in the right context.
  • Single customer view or whole customer segment overview.
  • Simple export of all data to CSV.

Fraud prevention & Security

Sometimes your customers and partners try to game the system. Voucherify offers fraud prevention tools, such as various validation rules to keep you safe from losing money.

We keep your revenue, data and brand image safe thanks to:

  • Fraud prevention with validation rules.
  • User access control and approval workflow.
  • Separate API keys for partners.
  • Data encryption.
  • Regular security reporting.

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