How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?

API-first customer loyalty management software

Customize your loyalty rewards and connect them to any marketing channel in no time.

Drive sales across the funnel with personalized loyalty incentives

Entice customers to come back
Grow loyalty with personalized rewards and gamified loyalty programs that you have always wanted to build.
Turn onlookers into advocates
Base your loyalty campaigns on customer attributes, order history, or custom events to create loyalty programs that resonate with your audience.
Double your retention rates
Repeat customers are responsible for generating approximately 40% revenue. Set milestones which entice customers to spend more.

Turn walk-ins into repeat business

Loyalty marketing builds engagement opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle, strengthens relationships, increases customer lifetime value and repeat purchase rate.

  • Launch omni-channel loyalty programs and manage them in one place.
  • Customer data platform with real-time segments that allow for dynamic customer personalisation.
  • Use our flexible API and marketer-friendly Dashboard to build a customized customer loyalty strategy.
  • Manage customer segments and create campaigns that bring the most value to you and your customers.
  • A/B test your loyalty program settings, measure your loyalty program analytics and optimize your campaigns continuously.
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API-first & enterprise-ready loyalty software

Develop digital services with speed and confidence

Loyalty engine &
customer data platform

Loyalty system

Point-based reward programs

Rollout multi-level loyalty programs with highly-tailored rewards.

Reimbursement rebates

Damage control your dissatisfied customers with "sorry" vouchers.

Reactivation coupons

Deliver unique codes to re-engage fine-grained segments

Cross-channel delivery
online & offline

Incentivize any customer touchpoint

Engage customers in the right context and at the right time across all communication channels.

Use numerous marketing channels from one simple UI

Ship your loyalty campaigns via any customer touchpoint: website, email, SMS, push notifications, landing pages, live chat, and social from one convenient place, without the need to manage various communication channels separately. 

Make your messaging contextual and personalized

Trigger event-based and geo-based messages, rewarding the desired behavior of your customers and reaching them with contextual and personalized loyalty notifications.

Generate buzz around your loyalty campaign with landing pages

Drive awareness around your loyalty campaign and capture more emails with dedicated landing pages. Read more on how to quickly set up landing pages with Voucherify.

Redeem loyalty points in both online and offline environments

Engage brick-and-mortar shoppers with Voucherify native mobile app to boost participation in your loyalty program among the less digital audience. No need for special POS equipment – the mobile app can be easily installed on your customers’ phones. Read more about the mobile app coupon validation here.

Play around with the loyalty code form and pattern

Match the reward format to the channel with alphanumeric, barcode, and QR promo codes of the desired length. Customize the code pattern to reflect your loyalty messaging.

Automate your loyalty workflow

Connect Voucherify with other apps via webhooks to trigger automatic responses in the system that a webhook is attached to save precious time.

Loyalty software that works with your stack

Get started with quick integration and forget about daily calls to your dev team afterwards.

Save developers’ time with smooth integration

Voucherify's developer-friendly API can work hand-in-hand with any of your ecommerce software. And our SDKs, UI widgets, and native integrations cut down the time of integrations to hours so that you can launch a highly-personalized loyalty program without breaking the bank.

Target the right audience

With Voucherify, you not only get a flexible loyalty engine, but also a CRM platform geared towards fine-grained incentives personalization. Customer segments are the key feature of Voucherify because they allow you to define target-specific campaigns and therefore achieve better marketing personalization.

Boost your ecommerce stack

Take advantage of native integrations with CRM & ecommerce platforms. Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations that connect your existing toolkit with loyalty campaigns in a couple of clicks. As a result, you can plug Voucherify loyalty campaigns into every stage of your sales funnel in no time.

Build custom integrations in days

Besides that, API enables you to build custom connections easily. There is also a possibility to create custom integrations for enterprise-level customers on-demand.

Use custom data for unique loyalty scenarios

Custom fields (metadata) to support unique scenarios not available by default. Base your loyalty programs on attributes such as payment methods, membership levels, unique preferences, or events that shape the way you run your business. With metadata, you get an ultimate level of customization of loyalty incentives.

Enjoy enterprise-grade security of your loyalty program

Use audit and HTTP logs to get quick access to all operations and activities performed on the account to prevent potential problems and smoothly organize work for all members of the marketing and development team involved in the process of launching your desired loyalty program.

Developer-friendly API & native plugins

See all 20+ integrations

Comprehensive Tracking & Analytics

Get insight into customers' engagements and how they interact with your program.  Come up with new solutions in real-time to drive stable customer loyalty.

Export to BI tools - merge your data to understand your customers holistically
Different views to manage  customer loyalty on a granular and high-level at the same time.
Loyalty campaign performance overview and detailed customer engagement rates.
A/B testing capabilities to optimize your reward programs.

Extensive branding and customization you need

It's important to make your promotions consistent with your branding image. That’s why we offer you a set of ready solutions to create the loyalty program tailored to your unique needs and branding.

  • White label on any channels to make your loyalty program truly feel like yours.
  • Flexible landing pages designer with custom domains and Google Analytics tracking.
  • Visual emails designer to entice customers by beautiful visuals to take part in your loyalty campaign.
  • Flexible API and SDKs for major coding languages make it easy to implement your company’s front-end design.

Tailored loyalty solutions for big and small businesses

With different plans you can start small and expand your loyalty program as you grow.

  • Enhance collaboration and streamline your campaigns with flexible user roles and approval workflows
  • Test campaigns during free trial to see what works and what needs to be improved.
  • Auto-updating campaigns that scale with your growth.
  • Enjoy high availability with 99.99% platform uptime. If that's not enough, get a custom SLA and a dedicated AWS cluster to ensure the performance your business needs.
  • Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies. Run promotions across widely-distributed teams.

Hosted on a secure and reliable infrastructure

Loyalty is all about trust and so we went out of our way to make sure that all of your loyalty programs are guaranteed to be fully compliant international legislation on data privacy.

  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Audit logs and 24/7 monitoring
  • Customizable IP restrictions
  • Built-in loyalty fraud prevention tools, such as validation rules, data encryption an separate API keys for partners.

Dedicated support

Save time and money by trusting our team of experts.

Architectural assistance
Get hands-on help from our solution engineers on how to set up and maintain your promotion campaigns.
Onboarding & training
Get the employee training and onboarding from our sales team and solution architects and exclusive access to webinars and case studies from the best performing campaigns out there.
Dedicated Managers
Leverage a single point of contact with 24-hour guaranteed response times, even on weekends.
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“Voucherify is an excellent platform for mid-large size businesses looking for a suite of promotional tools at a competitive price, with a marketing-friendly UI.”

Kate Watson
Digital Sales Manager | Bellroy

“Voucherify team really cares about our needs and has responded to and delivered on service and feature requests to ensure we achieve our goals.”

Wayne Chang
Head of Product | Saatchi Art

“From a technical point of view, I would highlight how easy it was for our developers to get into the API and how well documented the entire tooling is.”

Antoine Verger 
CTO | Fitfox

"Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous."

Alona Stern
Senior Product Manager | Freightos

“Voucherify was exactly what we needed! Their API was well documented and quick for our team to build against.”

Michael Willmott
Head of Product | Beryl
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