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Case Study

Driving Customer Retention with Omni-channel Digital Promotions

Health & Fitness
11-50 employees
Customer since:
United States

Interviewee: Kevin Transue, CEO

Yes.Fit is a flexible and fun fitness challenge app for everyone. Users can take part in virtual races and be part of a community that encourages working out. The marketing team of Yes.Fit wanted to drive customer retention with well-targeted promotions to specific customer segments and to save developers’ valuable time for other tasks. Thanks to Voucherify flexible promotion engine, the company has a great variety of campaigns to target customers with. Within six months, the company integrated and rolled out all available promotion types to drive customer retention and attract new customers.

Yes.Fit is all about motivation. The main goal of the founder, Kevin, and his team was to drive customer retention. This is why the marketing team’s daily job was to come up with persuasive promo campaigns with various incentives.

"Voucherify's support team was very helpful, and I think they got us set up in one day. We have a pretty complicated website, and this isn't reflective of Voucherify. It is more what did we want to integrate and how did we want to do it."

Key Challenges

  • Driving customer retention
  • Creating customer segments
  • Maintaining promotions without developers

The ability to control who and when could redeem incentives was equally important when they were looking for a promotion platform. Yes.Fit clearly didn’t want to spend their promo budget on customer segments outside of their interests. As the business grew, the need for new customer segments and product-specific incentive redemption rules also increased.

Additionally, Yes.Fit had already integrated email and in-app messages (with Intercom) to their product and they wanted to push these incentives using the channels their audience knew.

"We are finding new ways to use the product all the time. I like the product enhancements that they are making and we are looking forward to using the gift cards as well."

Therefore, Yes.Fit started to look for a flexible promotion platform that could help in starting marketing campaigns focused on specific customer segments. It was also important to integrate a system that can be handled by the marketing team with no intervention from the IT side and to have the option to connect it with the Intercom services. This is how Yes.Fit found Voucherify.

Shortly after signing up for Voucherify, the integration of the promotion engine took place. It took only one day and the dashboard of Voucherify was fully accessible for the marketing team to manage promotion campaigns.


The first approach of Yes.Fit to improve customer retention was to offer discount coupons. The company wanted to launch coupon campaigns and to offer unique discounts for specific products and segments. Thanks to Voucherify this wasn’t a challenge. Yes.Fit started a -25% off campaign focusing on customers who completed the first race. The marketing team defined and filtered validation rules, while customer segments were monitored and updated by the Voucherify system. This was possible because of Voucherify API <-> Yes.Fit CRM system integration.

After the successful coupon campaign, the team integrated digital gift cards. This new sales channel brought in 300 cards in just 3 months. Gift cards weren’t only about revenue – brand awareness has also started to grow.

Gift cards were not the only channels that helped spread the word about Yes.Fit. They also easily rolled out a referral program. The mechanics of this campaign incentivized both sides. New customers were attracted by the discount assigned to a referral code, and the referrers gained money they can use when purchasing a new race

Now, Yes.Fit team is setting up cart-level promotions. Customers just add products to the cart, and Voucherify automatically applies the discount according to the business rules. The team is planning to use cart-level promotions to create some smart up-selling campaigns.

"We have a website and apps on iOS and Android, and because Voucherify is API-based, we get to use it from all platforms with very little extra effort."

Today, the day-to-day activities of the marketing team include coming up with new promo campaigns and monitoring how they perform across all channels.

Yes.Fit developers, who saved time with the Voucherify integration, can now focus on building core business features. They also help marketers connect new data sources and marketing channels so that their campaigns become even more timely and personalized.


25.000 coupons sent out
300 gift cards sold in the first 3 months
100.000 tracked customers
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