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2022-10-04 5:30 pm
How GrydPark boosts brand awareness with promo codes

How GrydPark boosts brand awareness with promo codes

How GrydPark boosts brand awareness with promo codes
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Samantha Karam, Brand Manager

Gryd is a Canadian startup built around property tech. The company is segmented into three divisions: GrydPark, GrydDigital and GrydRent. Voucherify cooperates with the first one.

GrydPark is a mobile parking app designed to make parking simple and affordable. Using the application, drivers can locate and book spots on Gryd’s parking marketplace. With GrydPark, users can pre-book parking spots hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. 

The app functions as a marketplace, where local property owners can make their parking spots available for public use. Then, instead of organizing them single-handedly, they can use GrydPark’s architecture to optimize the space and start earning.

As of July 2022, GrydPark is fully operational in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, which became the test market for the app. In the future, the company plans to expand to the whole country.

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Key challenges

  • Increasing brand awareness.  
  • Spreading the idea of booking parking spots.
  • Giving discounts and issuing promo codes to new and potential customers.

GrydPark is a relatively new service that is just being tested in Winnipeg, Canada. One of the critical challenges is to let people know that there is such a thing as an app that enables you to reserve a parking spot through a smartphone. In order to incentivize new customers to try the service, they needed discount coupons to give to potential customers that were easy to manage and control. 

One of the aspects that was important for the company was to release the discounts as fast as they could – this is one of the reasons why Gryd decided to go with Voucherify. Integrating Voucherify with GrydPark took about eight weeks of development; after that, it became fully operational.

Early on, we experimented with different types of coupons to try and find what worked best for our customers. 

Fortunately, Voucherify enables companies to run much more complex promotional scenarios than just percentage discounts. For example, with a simple tweak, GrydPark was able to change its promotions and launch another discount in a blink of an eye:

We have recently transitioned to offering free codes, such as “first park free of charge” or “first three parks for free”.

For now, the company uses Voucherify only for the discounts, as it’s in the initial state of development. Samantha Karam, Brand Manager of Gryd, hinted, though, that they intend to implement more promotional scenarios in the future:

As we continue to add additional quality parking spots to our platform, our need for Voucherify will only increase. Once we reach our parking inventory goals, we will begin to offer more discounts via Voucherify.

One sure thing we can mention at the moment is that the integration process between Gryd and Voucherify was very smooth – it allowed Gryd to test the discounting opportunities for their customers. The testing period also proved that it was the right choice to subscribe to Voucherify, not only for the discount coupons feature but also for all the other sales promotions it offers.


Complex and customizable discount coupons ready to launch in a few clicks
Painless adjustments in case of significant marketing strategy shifts
Fast time-to-market – eight weeks of development, including time spent struggling with a minor internal issues
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