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Flexible Rewards Software

Move away from monolithic rewards systems and deliver future-proof incentive programs with Voucherify API.

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Over 300 enterprises scale with Voucherify:

Get all you need from single rewards software

Quick & easy integration
Integrate Voucherify API quickly and start creating reward program in days, not months.
Flexible program logic
Set up loyalty program logic of your choice – custom earning rules, tiers, incentives, and more.
Extensive rewards catalog
Offer any reward, from points, cash, or gift cards to material incentives, free shipping, or giveaway entries – your creativity is the limit.

Any scenario is possible

Voucherify is a flexible rewards platform that allows for full customization of your loyalty programs. Choose from plenty of incentives available out-of-the-box in the rewards system or create custom rewards. Reward customers for their purchases, actions, or any custom events of your choice.
  1. Segment your customers to target the right audience with relevant loyalty incentives.
  2. Reward your customers for desirable actions like referring a new customer, joining a newsletter, and more.
  3. Use any loyalty currency and expand to new markets.
  4. Reward your customers with a fixed or proportional number of points.
  5. Brand your rewards program using our white label capabilities.
  6. Choose from alphanumeric, barcode, and QR promo codes of the desired length. Customize the code pattern to further brand loyalty incentives.
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Enjoy a wide selection of loyalty rewards

Offer discounts & gift cards as loyalty incentives
Let customers transfer rewards to other members
Offer material gifts to your customers
Let customers choose incentives from a catalog
Let customers pay with loyalty points for orders
Allow customers to collect loyalty currency in wallets
Offer members free participation in giveaways
Illustration of email editor with white-label functions

Automated communication

Your rewards program members will receive automated messages when they earn points or rewards. Our rewards system can trigger event-based and geo-based messages, to reward your customers’ desired behavior and reach them with contextual and personalized loyalty program notifications.

  1. Use a built-in email designer or communication provider of your choice to distribute loyalty incentives.
  2. Deliver incentives via email, SMS, push notifications, or any other channels automatically, thanks to a flexible API and 50+ webhooks.
  3. Schedule automatic notifications if the incentives are close to expiration to increase your offers' urgency.
  4. Encourage customers to join your rewards program by creating extraordinary landing pages in our landing page creator.
  5. Use our ready-to-use widgets to spread the word about your rewards program.

Keep rewards program budget under control

Voucherify offers plenty of features to help you manage your rewards program budget:
  1. Set expiry dates of your incentives.
  2. Deactivate the promotional codes or roll back the publications instantly from the dashboard.
  3. Protect yourself from fraud by using anti-fraud mechanisms.
  4. Set up the total budget for the loyalty campaign.
  5. Set up the reward usage limits per customer.
  6. Define what actions should be rewarded and how many times each customer can earn the rewards in a specific way.
  7. Use custom fields (metadata) to support unique budget limits.
UI shot of the validation rules based on budget constraints
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Rewards programs with extensive real-time analytics

Track your customers' engagement and interactions with your rewards program. Test your campaigns and measure the results. Optimize your rewards scheme based on the obtained data to drive retention.

  1. Track your loyalty program performance using various metrics directly in the dashboard, on a granular or campaign level.
  2. Track customer purchases, customer attributes, and their activity like purchases, custom events, and more.
  3. A/B test different loyalty scenarios in A/B to find an optimal reward strategy.
  4. Use export options to view your data holistically using your favorite BI tools.
  5. Monitor both high-level and granular-level views showing campaign performance and customer profiles with all relevant data.

Complete your stack with the next-gen rewards software

Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations that can connect your existing toolkit with loyalty campaigns in a couple of clicks.
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