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API-first Customer Loyalty Software

Move away from monolithic loyalty software and deliver future-proof loyalty solutions with Voucherify API.

Powerful Loyalty Solutions From Day One

Integrate quickly
Integrate Voucherify into any step of your sales funnel and into any software platform thanks to our flexible API and multiple SDKs.
Control the loyalty logic
While you focus on your business rules, we will apply your logic and automate your loyalty rewards.
Manage loyalty members
Build tiers and segment customers for simple loyalty management.

Loyalty API of The Future

Responding to market changes requires an enterprise ecommerce architecture that’s agile and scalable. Fast time-to-market and flexibility are some of the essential features of modern loyalty solutions.

  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box loyalty features and scenarios to quickly roll out your first program. See all features.
  • Easily scalable loyalty infrastructure that helps you optimize costs and handle traffic peaks.
  • Automation for assigning loyalty cards, rewarding loyalty members, and notifying them about crucial moments.
  • Currency-agnostic & flexible API enables you to run a loyalty program with any custom currency, in any country, and for any brand.
  • Support for traditional point-based programs and more innovative loyalty solutions based on customer activity and gamification.
  • Custom earning rules, reward catalog, tiers, or any other mechanics of your loyalty strategy.
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API-first & Enterprise-ready Loyalty Software

Develop digital services with speed and confidence

Loyalty engine &
customer data platform

Loyalty system

Point-based reward programs

Rollout multi-level loyalty programs with highly-tailored rewards.

Reimbursement rebates

Damage control your dissatisfied customers with "sorry" vouchers.

Reactivation coupons

Deliver unique codes to re-engage fine-grained segments

Cross-channel delivery
online & offline

Loyalty Architecture for Future-Oriented Professionals

  • Built-in loyalty fraud prevention and A/B testing mechanisms.
  • Dedicated API methods for pulling, filtering, and managing loyalty data.
  • Possibility to manually deactivate and change program conditions without asking developers for help.
  • Flexible user roles and approval workflows to enhance collaboration and streamline your loyalty programs management
  • One holistic API-first tool to run not only loyalty programs but also other loyalty-focused incentives, including coupons, referrals, and discounts.
  • CRM capabilities geared towards fine-grained incentives personalization.
  • Different views to manage customer loyalty on a granular and high-level at the same time.

Enhance Your Stack with All-in-One Loyalty API

A wide selection of native integrations with top CRM & ecommerce platforms. Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations that connect your existing toolkit with loyalty campaigns in a couple of clicks.

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Our Headless Backend, Your Unique Frontend

It's essential to make your promotions consistent with your brand image. Build a fully white-label loyalty program with our headless, API-first approach.

  • White label on any marketing & sales channel to make your loyalty program feel like yours.
  • Flexible landing pages designer with custom domains support.
  • Loyalty notifications designer to entice customers to take part in your loyalty campaign.
  • Create a custom front-end Digital Wallet for members of your loyalty program where you can list their rewards or use built-in customer cockpits.

Reliable & Secured Loyalty Infrastructure

Loyalty is all about trust. We went out of our way to ensure that all of your loyalty programs are guaranteed to be fully compliant with international legislation on data privacy.

  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Custom SLAs and dedicated clusters built on AWS Cloud worldwide.
  • Customizable IP restrictions & data encryption
  • PCI DSS compliance.
  • Multi-factor Authentication and SAML.
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Open Loyalty API For Developers, By Developers

Our SDKs, UI widgets, and native integrations cut down integration to hours, enabling you to launch a highly-personalized loyalty program without breaking the bank.

Loyalty API Requests Overview

Our platform provides a comprehensive set of APIs for quick integration to various systems. With our headless approach, changes in your program can be made by quickly switching API endpoints, without rewriting batches of backend code.

Create a batch of loyalty cards aggregated into a single loyalty program. Define custom loyalty card pattern and other details.
Returns a list of your loyalty campaigns. The campaigns are sorted by creation date, with the most recent campaigns appearing first.
Get campaign by ID (e.g., camp_2boIBNQe7O9FzrwFJv0j4rUs)
Updates a loyalty program for the following fields: start_date, expiration_date, metadata, description, type.
Permanently deletes a campaign and all related loyalty cards. It cannot be undone. Also immediately removes any redemptions on loyalty cards.
Returns a list of your loyalty cards holders. The vouchers are sorted by creation date, with the most recent vouchers appearing first.
This method assigns a loyalty card to a customer. It selects a loyalty card suitable for publication, adds a publish entry, and returns the published voucher.
Retrieves the voucher with the given memberId.
This method gives adds balance to an existing loyalty card.
Through this method, an integration tries to exchange points from a loyalty card for a specified reward.
Retrieves the list of activities for the given memberId related to voucher and customer who is a holder of the voucher.

Dedicated support

Save time and money by trusting our team of experts.

Architectural assistance
Get hands-on help from our solution engineers on how to set up and maintain your promotion campaigns.
Onboarding & training
Get the employee training and onboarding from our sales team and solution architects and exclusive access to webinars and case studies from the best performing campaigns out there.
Dedicated Managers
Leverage a single point of contact with 24-hour guaranteed response times, even on weekends.
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