Powerful referral API at your fingertips

Go beyond basic refer-a-friend programs and introduce personalized referral campaigns into your apps and sites - on any scale!



Base your referral campaigns on cart structure and total order value. Design multi-level reward schemes to maximize revenue flow. Precisely define when and how the referrer gets their reward.


reward automation

Automatically send rewards via email or any other channel you connect to our API & webhooks. Choose from a wide variety of coupon/voucher/gift card rewards which you can define with our coupon manager.


real-time analytics

Get an overview of top referral programs and the top promoters within them. Track marketing channels to better understand what drives performance. React quickly when your campaigns are misused to protect your margins.



  • Advanced reward rules engine
  • Multiple reward type: coupons, gift cards, loyalty points
  • Time-bound referral campaigns
  • Personalized share codes
  • QR codes
  • Advocate profiles & segments
  • Multi-level commission plans
  • Instant reward delivery (email, SMS, and more)
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • REST API and webhooks
  • Web dashboard for marketers

Campaign ExampleS:

Refer-a-friend so you and your friend both get 10% off.

Earn $100 by inviting 10 friends. Earn $300 if you can make it 20.

Get $5 for every $100 your friends spend this weekend.

Only for New York members - invite a friend to get a 3-hour session for free.

Enterprise ready



Cut down development time even more with built-in integrations. Send rewards through MailChimp or via SMS with Twilio integrations.



OAuth 2.0 authentication and brute-force attack prevention with the rate limiter and domain whitelisting.



A well-documented REST API with 10 SDK for the most popular programming platforms. Plus: sandbox, detailed HTTP logs, and webhooks.



Enterprise-level support with dedicated technical account manager available.

Set up in minutes