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Voucher Management System You Deserve

Manage your online and offline vouchers with an API-first Voucher Management System.
Illustration of a promotional email with a unique discount code attached.
Personalize and target vouchers
Offer customer-, product-, order-specific discounts your audience expects.
Customize unique
voucher codes

Generate millions of unique, targeted and trackable voucher codes to step up your discounting game.
Protect your
promotional budget

Protect your ROI and promotion budget with complex redemption rules.

Customize your vouchers easily

Create targeted voucher codes of various types at scale. Offer amount, percentage, free shipping, and unit discount vouchers with customizable patterns and different formats (text, barcode, QR). Exclude confusing letters and numbers from your codes to improve the discounting experience or set a validity time frame to make your deals urgent and easily manageable. Integrate quickly and save time and money on developing an in-house solution thanks to our flexible voucher API. 
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UI screen of advanced code customization available via Dashboard.
Validation Rules UI shot with the segment-based rule selected

Protect yourself from fraud

Set up fine-grained limits on global, campaign, and customer level and secure your spending upfront with budget limits. Limit the number of redemptions per campaign, per customer, per day, per affiliate partner, and more.

Leverage built-in customer data platform and base your promotional schedule on real-time events, geolocation, and customer data. Assign unique voucher codes to individual customer profiles in a few clicks to ensure that only predefined customers can redeem them.

Deliver vouchers via any channel

Use developer-friendly API and the marketer-friendly Dashboard to create an omnichannel promotion experience. Ensure your communication stays on-brand with our white label capabilities and dozens of integrations and plugin. Design your messages in a versatile message template editor with support for multiple marketing channels, including email, mobile, web, and live chat.
UI shot of the email wizard with a coupon message
UI shot of the coupon redemption logs view.

Track voucher ROI

Analyze every aspect of campaign performance, including customer data and order details. See how many redemptions were successful and how many failed (any why) in a specific timeframe. Check individual metrics within the 360-degree customer profile to see trends and base your next move on hard data.


For Enterprise

Enjoy customized onboarding,
strategy consulting, and technical guidance

Use enterprise-grade, dedicated infrastructure

99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

Launch mission-critical projects with a secure, GDPR- and CCPA-ready platform

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, instead focus on growing your customer base