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White-label Mobile Loyalty Software

Customize and rebrand Voucherify’s white-label
mobile loyalty software thanks to API and SDKs.

Promotion mock with a mobile loyalty message

Over 300 enterprises scale with Voucherify:

Benefits of a white-label mobile loyalty programs

Fully integrated and ready-made
Branding and customization options
Easy features customization thanks to flexible API and SDKs
Saves you
time and money

Flexible loyalty rewards options for your mobile app

  1. One-off promo codes & site-wide coupon offers.
  2. Dynamic cart promotions & product bundles.
  3. Amount, percentage, and unit discounts.
  4. Digital gift cards & rechargeable wallets.
  5. Free shipping codes and promotions.
  6. Loyalty points & free products.
  7. Online giveaway entries.
UI shot of the offer builder
Phone mock with in-app message informing user about earning loyalty points

Customizable program rules

Allow users to earn loyalty points based on:

  1. Spending (paid orders) & shopping behavior.
  2. Entering or leaving a new loyalty tier or geofence.
  3. Subscribing to the newsletter & social media follow.
  4. Writing product reviews & filling out surveys.
  5. Sharing personal data & preferences.
  6. Referring your brand to friends & family.
  7. Other custom events suited to your brand.

A mobile loyalty program with limitless branding options

You can add your own branding to every element of the white-label mobile loyalty platform. Use Voucherify API to display the information on your own, custom mobile front-end. Customize your:

  1. Customer cockpits (digital wallets) & landing pages.
  2. Rewards catalog & conversion rates from points to cash.
  3. Coupon patterns (prefix, suffix, length, components).
  4. Messages & automatic notifications.
  5. Loyalty currency & program name.
  6. Tiers names and conditions & custom earning rules.
Promotion mock with a branded message about winning loyalty points

Combine all promotions
with single mobile-friendly loyalty software

Discounts & gift cards as loyalty rewards
Reward referrals with loyalty points
Build automatic promotions available only to VIP customers
Define allowed and forbidden
discount combinations
Let customers pay with loyalty points for orders
Allow customers to collect loyalty currency in digital wallets
Offer loyalty members free participation in attractive giveaways and contests
UI shot of the loyalty program builder

Complete customer loyalty management solution for any platform

Use the flexible API to display the same loyalty program on both website and mobile app. Provide seamless & omni-channel experience for your loyalty program using one promotion engine.

  1. Create custom events for points or credits collection and reward engagement on your loyalty app.
  2. Personalize offers with coupon, discount, and gift card incentives available for redemption on the website, loyalty app and in-store.
  3. Design multi-level loyalty schemes to maximize the revenue flow.
  4. Create custom loyalty program tiers with custom earning rules.
  5. Multiply the points granted on special days or for VIP customers.

Manage your mobile app loyalty program budget

Gain insight into customers' engagements and how they interact with your loyalty program. Come up with new solutions in real-time to drive stable customer loyalty.
  1. Set up the expiry date of the points/credits.
  2. Find trends and see how they drive repeat purchases thanks to the built-in loyalty analytics.
  3. Track your loyalty performance through various metrics like leaderboards or campaign performance.
  4. Track customer purchases, personal attributes, and their activity on your website/app.
  5. Test several loyalty scenarios in A/B experiments to find an optimal customer loyalty strategy.
  6. Monitor customer data and loyalty activity via a marketer-friendly UI.
  7. Merge your data to understand your customers holistically with BI tools export options.
UI shot of the top 5 rewards and loyalty members list
Phone mock with a list of available gift cards

Fast and easy integration with your mobile app

  1. Integrate the loyalty program with email service providers, CRMs, messaging solutions and other online marketing tools.
  2. Integrate the white-label loyalty program into your existing technology stack. Display the same information and branding omnichannel.
  3. Flexible API and the SDKs for major programming languages including iOS and Android support quick and easy integration.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.