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How to distribute unique discount codes (or vouchers) to the subscribers

We dig deeper to present promotion workflows available for smaller budgets. Maybe it’s time to fire off your first ‘sign up campaign’?

How to distribute unique discount codes (or vouchers) to the subscribers

Incentives at the welcome

New acquisitions may well be a headache. Usually, even with traffic in the right place, conversion rates are far from the actual number of daily visitors. Promotions offered at the welcome stage in the strategy of your product may be a remedy. Customized offers increase the overall number of new acquisitions but also distinguish the most valuable leads within the potential audience. Let’s look at the list of incentives you can wrap into a customized promotion scenario:

  • A fixed (public) code is the easiest to implement. It’s a single code for multiple uses that you can share with customers. Most times, such codes give way to unique coupons with higher security and tracking possibilities.
  • Unique discounts are the most popular among B2C companies. Usually, the discount is represented by different unique coupon codes assigned to each new customer. Such a solution enables retailers to analyze the performance of the campaign and track each code.
  • Gift cards are popular incentives in referral programs where they can make the recommendation mean something more than just kind words. By giving a feeling of money in the hand, gift cards cut out hesitation over whether to follow the recommendation or not.
  • Free trials are a similar tactic to gift cards. The point is to give a sample of your possibilities for free and awaken the psychological tendency to stick to already acquired things. Or speaking more precisely, it's a tendency to dislike losing things that we already assume as ours. We have written more about this strategy further on in this post.
  • Free samples call on reciprocity in your customers. The results of research show that endowing an unexpected gain (gift) and simple gestures towards clients significantly influence their buying decisions.

Let’s look at some real examples of `welcome new customers` strategies straight from the e-commerce brands.

Examples of sign up campaigns

Unique discount for the first order - Zalando
Zalando welcome new subscribers coupon campaign

Zalando sends an email with a unique code to every new subscriber to their newsletter

Free samples - L’Oreal
L'Oreal free samples campaign

L’Oreal give their new signed up customers free access to products’ samples. After signing up, each customer can order samples before a purchase. From a technical point of view, free samples may be handled by a coupon code with 100% discount available only to specific products (samples).

Regular savings - H&M
H&M regular saving club campaign promo

H&M offers membership of a club with access to many promotions and discounts. Membership starts from the first order and guarantees regular savings.

Discount on first subscription - LiveChat
LiveChat Discount for first subscription

LiveChat makes their products more accessible to entrepreneurs by discounting the first payment for a chosen subscription plan.

Distributing unique codes and vouchers to subscribers

We’d like to show you an easy way of offering people a discount voucher when they sign up to our mailing list. We’re going to distribute unique discount codes to the subscribers who sign up on our landing page and to manage the entire workflow, we only need one app - Voucherify. It enables companies to gather subscribers on a list and distribute coupons or discounts to their mailboxes.

1. Collect subscribers and their emails through a landing page.

Voucherify widget for code redemption

Web widgets are ready-to-go forms to place on your landing page. There is no need to code, just customize the fields to fit your needs. Each new visitor who signs up to our mailing list gets the discount code.

2. The promo code can be displayed within the widget or it can be sent in a personalized welcome email straight from a Voucherify dashboard, 100% automatically.

Voucherify email with promo code

The key thing with sign up discounts is the automatics. Otherwise, there is no chance your campaign is going to scale. No matter if a promo code is wrapped in an email, displayed on your landing page, triggered in a live chat window or distributed via any other channel; automatics is a must. This is why all the marketing channels available with Voucherify provide entirely automated welcome messages.

Voucherify and automatic distribution

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