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Coupon marketing strategy - 7 coupon placements you would never think of

November 4, 2017

I’d like to share unique places for a coupon which must work. Based on stats and anatomy of a purchase funnel I found that much of marketing space is wasted.

Coupon marketing strategy - 7 coupon placements you would never think of


Think about the number of invoices your company sends monthly? Is any of them is equipped with a coupon? I guess not. Thousands of invoices are coming across end customer's hands, no matter if you work in B2B or B2C model, small or a big company.

Before you put a coupon on the invoice, let your marketing team go through all orders assigned to a particular customer and define the most attractive circumstances for a buyer. Going ahead customer’s expectations and coming up with an attractive and personalized discount creates increases chances for another purchase and helps in building long-term relations.

Delivery tracking

Looking from the customer's point of view, delivery details are one of the most preferred types of emails. Why not supply these messages with personalized coupons? Email marketing requires clever ideas to catch customers attention and mailboxes are their private space which brands should treat very cautious. Most receivers won’t open any message after getting even one, considered as SPAM (or simply uninteresting).

For more coupons & email marketing best practices, you can check out our  white paper.

The prefered types of email on mobile devices. Special offers win with 27%

Hand-made messages

This unique idea is inspired by Marina Auto Body who has expressed their appreciation by hand-made messages equipped with Starbucks coupons to their customers. Of course, if you have hundreds of users or more it is far unlikely you’ll be able to write them all. But still, you can use customer segmentation and focus on your best buyers. Defining profile of your ideal customer allows you to capture them amongst the crowd and treat them with the highest priority. Let’s say you gather 100 users who fit your target group best. Each year when their birthdays come, send them a card with a handmade wishes and personalized coupon. If you wonder if the effort is worth your time, taking care of regular customers is usually easier (and cheaper) than acquiring new ones.

Hand-made message example

Looking for the app which can help you implement this idea, you can visit https://lob.com Lob. Their API allows you for creating templates for physical letters or postcards and makes their delivery trackable.

Labels and price-tags

“We buy with our eyes”, and coupons make things look better. Firstly, put a short note on labels about the value of a coupon or gift card which client gains while purchasing the item. During the purchase, the staff at a location asks for customers data and sends them to the coupon system. When data are in place, the system assigns unique coupon code to the customer automatically. Moreover, sent data are enough to create an automatic message with a coupon equipped with personal details and secured code from misuses. Ultimately, to make the process scalable, you need to ensure automatic coupon distribution:

Placing coupons on labels and price tags

Your SWAG pack

Years ago digital technologies have changed the shape of coupons. Let’s go back for a moment to the times when customers could really feel that they received extra value for free with a physical gift. Instead of cardboard vouchers, SWAG gadgets which participate in building your brand awareness can be turned into coupons. Including codes into the way you design your gadgets may take a little effort but the effect is definitely worth it. With real value in hands your brand is more likely to get customer’s attention and creates plenty of opportunities to acquire new customers. From technical point of view, these kind of promotion should be secured in two ways:

  • Each redemption is valid only after it’s assigned to the particular customer (they can register on your website or share data when receiving a gift), and redeemable once only per customer.
  • Entire coupon campaign is supplied with budget limits. You need to estimate how much you can spend on promotion and set redemption limit amongst the whole campaign.

Help center, documentation

There are two main advantages of placing coupons on your support pages. Firstly, it helps to involve users of your services in building consistent and meaningful documentation. Secondly, you can show your appreciation, increase loyalty, and gain another source of purchases. Choose one article for a month/week and place a short note at the end of the page with a simple widget (in case of a big traffic use coupons just from time to time).

Help Center docs

Coupon redemptions should be limited to one per customer per the entire campaign (one article), and similarly to the SWAG pack coupons, it’s good to set a limit for a total number of redemptions amongst the campaign to secure your budget in case of unexpected traffic.

NPS measures

If your company sends emails to measure client satisfaction (e.g., Net Promoter Score), incentives will help marketers to involve customers in building metrics and increase chances for better conversion. There are two simple tactics that companies can implement:

  1. Send each user an invitation to share their opinion and emphasize the message with a coupon code.
  2. Thank everyone who shared their opinion by sending the unique coupon. Coupons can be a part of a message with measures results or can be an automatic response to a received email.
Placing coupons wile measruing NPS


All of this ideas can turn into sophisticated marketing operation when considered on a large scale. Once you have your ideas in place, don’t hesitate to use advanced customer segmentation, tracking features, BI tools, marketing automation, and primarily, creativity. Ultimately, the best ideas come from simplicity and thanks to the modern technology it’s possible to implement them no matter the large scale.

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