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MoEngage and Voucherify Integration: Creating Omnichannel Loyalty Programs and Promotion Campaigns
Karolina Kmita
Karolina Kmita
May 19, 2023
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MoEngage and Voucherify Integration: Creating Omnichannel Loyalty Programs and Promotion Campaigns

In 2023, crafting cross-channel promotion campaigns has become essential for brands seeking to engage their target audience effectively and drive meaningful results. With consumer behavior undergoing significant shifts caused by the pandemic, it is crucial to leverage data-driven insights and omnichannel capabilities to create personalized promotional and loyalty experiences that resonate with customers across every touchpoint.

In this blog post, I will uncover the capabilities of the new Voucherify and MoEngage integration, including how it works, how to skyrocket your cross-channel promotional campaigns, and a range of use cases with minimal development effort required where you can utilize Voucherify and MoEngage integration effectively.

What is MoEngage?

MoEngage is a leading customer engagement platform that helps businesses deliver personalized messages to their customers across various channels, including mobile push notifications, email, SMS, in-app messaging, web push, and more. The platform leverages data-driven insights and intelligent automation to enable businesses to engage with their customers in a timely and relevant manner.

MoEngage offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including audience segmentation, behavior-based messaging, campaign management, A/B testing, personalization, and analytics. It enables businesses to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns based on user behavior, preferences, and demographic information.

How does the integration work?

Using MoEngage's Content APIs can help with personalization, which is essential for effective marketing initiatives. By retrieving information at the moment of sending a message, content APIs allow for the dynamic tailoring of promotional campaigns.

Brands may distribute discount codes, prizes, and other information powered by Voucherify through MoEngage channels by linking the MoEngage and Voucherify APIs. For instance, Voucherify discount codes can be distributed directly to customers at the appropriate time and location allowing marketers to quickly respond to special events and user behavior.

The key benefits of Voucherify and MoEngage integration

The collaboration between MoEngage and Voucherify offers the following advantages for companies:

1. Seamless integration

Companies can effortlessly incorporate Voucherify-powered incentives into their MoEngage campaigns using the Content API, eliminating the need to involve the development team.

2. Data exchange capabilities

MoEngage and Voucherify enable the seamless exchange of data, facilitating the execution of omnichannel promotional campaigns and loyalty programs.

3. Personalized messaging

By leveraging Voucherify, companies can enhance their MoEngage messaging by incorporating CDP-powered incentives, creating more engaging and impactful customer interactions.

How to skyrocket your sales promotions with Voucherify and MoEngage?

By integrating the APIs of MoEngage and Voucherify, brands are able to distribute Voucherify-generated promo codes, rewards, and other information via MoEngage channels. This enables marketers to swiftly respond to particular events by delivering Voucherify promo codes to customers at the appropriate moment and location.

Imagine you’re a brand owner searching for a tool to recapture the attention of disengaged customers with a personalized discount. With the combination of MoEngage and Voucherify, this scenario can be quickly established and handled as follows:

Step 1: Create a re-engagement campaign with Voucherify

In this example, I've utilized the unique coupons campaign, which reduces all of the cart items by 25%, up to a maximum discount of $150.

voucherify unique coupons

Voucherify gives you a lot of flexibility in determining the validation rules and conditions of the discount thanks to our Rules Engine. Using the customer segmentation option, you can, for example, target customers who subscribe to your newsletter, or use geofencing to send a discount to customers located only within Europe. What’s more, you can use email filters to give promos only to your employees. Using your sales data, you can also reward the customers who have made at least 5 purchases on your website, or offer a 10 % welcome discount for the customers who signed up within the last 30 days. The promotion customization capabilities are endless.

Step 2: Set up a MoEngage Content API endpoint

To access the Content API tab in your MoEngage account, first, go to Settings and select the App option. Then, click on APIs and navigate to the Content API tab. Once there, click on the 'Add' button to initiate a dialogue box. Fill out the required fields in the dialogue box as follows:

Voucherify MoEngage API

To generate application keys for integrating with MoEngage, access your Voucherify Project Settings and navigate to the Integration Keys section:

Voucherify API Keys

Once you have saved the configuration, you can test it by clicking on the play icon. If the configuration has been set up correctly, you will be able to see the following response from Voucherify indicating successful integration:

Voucherify MoEngage API

Step 3: Utilize the Content API endpoint in a MoEngage campaign

To start a new MoEngage campaign, let's set up a one-time email outbound campaign that focuses on customers who haven't engaged with our brand in the last 30 days:

MoEngage campaign

Create the email content by leveraging Jinja, a templating language. With Jinja, you can seamlessly incorporate customer-specific details like their name into the content. Additionally, make use of the Content API endpoint established in step 2 to retrieve the relevant information (in our case it’s a Voucherify-generated promo code), parse its response, and present the desired details to the customer.

For comprehensive guidance on utilizing Jinja in MoEngage, check out this article.

Personalized email Voucherify x MoEngage

Upon publishing your campaign, each message will be tailored to each individual customer and will incorporate a unique voucher code that has been exclusively allocated to them:

Voucherify x MoEngage promotional campaign

Voucherify and MoEngage campaign inspirations

The integration between MoEngage and Voucherify unlocks a multitude of powerful capabilities, offering brands a wide range of use cases with minimal development effort required. Let's explore some of the key examples:

1. Generic promo codes

Seamlessly share standalone coupon discounts with customers through personalized email communication. This ensures a personalized touch in promotional campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. For example, you might use standalone discount codes to launch a $20 off Mother’s Day discount coupon called “MothersDay” that gives each customer a $20 off discount for orders above $50.

2. Unique promo codes

With the ability to publish codes, you can run a multitude of campaigns triggered by different customer behavior. Such personalization gives you the opportunity to create unique promo codes tailored to your customers’ needs. You can, for example, send  a unique $25 discount code on the next purchase with a minimum total order value of $100 to the customers who leave a positive review for your product on your website.

Learn more: How to reward user behavior with Segment CDP?

{{The Complete Guide to Discount Coupons}}

3. Referral programs

Streamline communication for referral programs by effortlessly sharing referral codes and rewards. This integration enables brands to effectively manage and track the success of referral campaigns, fostering customer advocacy and driving organic growth.

With this option, you can, for instance, build a tiered referral program, where referrers get different rewards based on how many friends they have referred effectively. Let’s say that in a Bronze Tier, each referrer who refers at least one customer gets a 10% off discount on orders with a total value of at least $50. In Tier Silver  – each referrer who refers at least three customers gets a 30% discount for their next purchase with a minimum order value of $50. In Tier Gold, each referrer who refers at least five customers, gets a 50% off discount plus free shipping with only purchases above $50, excluding promotional items, qualify for the discount.

{{Referral Programs Starter Guide}}

4. Loyalty programs

Elevate customer loyalty programs by effortlessly sharing loyalty card codes and rewards with program members. For instance, start a loyalty program to appeal to clients who have previously made several purchases from you. Consider offering a 20% off discount on the 2nd order, and 30% off for the third order. The Voucherify and MoEngage integration simplifies the process of distributing and managing loyalty rewards, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

{{The Definitive Guide to Loyalty Programs}}

5. Gift card campaigns

Run effective gift card campaigns with ease. Let’s say you want to provide a customer with a meaningful gift card on his/her anniversary with your brand. You can, for example, offer a $50 gift card with a one-month expiration after it is issued. With just a few mouse clicks you can set validation rules, making only purchases above $100, excluding promotional items, qualify for the gift card.

The integration empowers brands to seamlessly distribute and manage gift card codes, offering customers a convenient way to make purchases while driving sales and customer satisfaction.

{{The Beginner's Guide to Gift Cards}}


By leveraging the MoEngage and Voucherify integration, brands can unlock these and many other use cases, expanding their promotional capabilities and enhancing customer experiences without the need for extra development work.

From bulk and unique promo codes, loyalty programs, gift cards to omnichannel referrals, with just a few clicks you can unlock the power of Voucherify and MoEngage integration to run a multitude of campaigns triggered by different customer behavior, without coding.  


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