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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How GAGA turns prospects into users with flexible promo codes

How GAGA turns prospects into users with flexible promo codes

How GAGA turns prospects into users with flexible promo codes
11-50 employees
Customer since
Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Nabil, Growth Marketing Manager

GAGA is an innovative ed-tech marketplace that connects parents with trusted education providers in various subjects, from science to dancing, through their interactive platform. The company was started in 2020 and is still in its pre-seed funding stage. Although GAGA is still in the early phase, the company plans to expand to other locations in the region to offer high-quality interactive classes through its web service and dedicated mobile app.

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Key challenges

  • Running flexible promotions to attract and convert visitors into users. 
  • Saving development time on maintaining an in-house voucher solution. 
  • Increasing brand awareness around their education marketplace.

As a new business, GAGA was looking for ways to incentivize users to give their services a try. Before finding Voucherify, the company used an in-house tool to generate and run voucher campaigns. Annoyed with the limitations of their rigid system and the piling development cost, GAGA’s team found Voucherify to be the perfect solution for their business needs. 

“Our main reason for choosing Voucherify was transparent pricing, powerful features and quick integration, which took approximately two weeks.”

Switching to Voucherify allowed the GAGA's marketing team to run more targeted and versatile promotional campaigns. Besides acquisition-focused promo codes, GAGA also runs a double-sided referral program that rewards advocates and invited friends with discounts on GAGA-hosted classes.

GAGA app promotion example

Offer personalization is made possible through integrating Voucherify with their CRM of choice, ActiveCampaign. This way, customer data is quickly synced with Voucherify and used for granular targeting based on user history or order total, which combined with rigid redemption count and time limits, prevents coupon fraud. Additionally, by utilising custom fields (metadata), GAGA’s team can target promo codes at specific class providers, running fully custom campaigns based on their unique business requirements without much development effort. 

“Before using Voucherify, our development team had to create and manage codes manually. Now, non-technical teams can build campaigns on their own. This was a game changer for us – you don’t need to be a technical person to use Voucherify.”

To keep a close eye on the campaign ROI, the GAGA’s team uses detailed redemption reports and exports them for analysis. So far, GAGA’s users have redeemed over 5 thousand promo codes. To track the success rate of their events and other projects, GAGA’s team generates dedicated promo codes for the occasion and shares them with participants – based on the redemption rates, the team can estimate the success of a given project and build their marketing strategy around those crucial findings. 

“Compared to our previous solution, Voucherify gives us more freedom, more creativity and much easier workflows.”

With an unlimited number of campaigns, GAGA regularly performs A/B tests with various discount types and values used as variables. This way, their team can learn what discount levels work best for a given control group. GAGA plans to use Voucherify even more extensively in the future, focusing primarily on the top of the funnel and customer acquisition at their app continues to grow.


Hundreds of incentivized new orders and +5K successful code redemptions
Unlimited creativity and freedom of the marketing team to build custom promo campaigns, including a referral program
Saved time and money on developing an in-house solution that failed to meet their requirements
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