How Jollyes runs the PetCLUB loyalty program for over 1.4 million members?
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What is a loyalty card?

A loyalty card, also known as a frequent buyer or reward card, serves as a valuable tool for businesses looking to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Typically physical, these cards can be swiped or scanned during transactions, enabling customers to collect points that can be later redeemed for exclusive rewards.

Moreover, loyalty cards can also exist in a digital format, like a bar or QR code, making it convenient for customers to scan during checkout.

Loyalty Card: Exemplary Digital Displays of Loyalty Cards and Notifications

How do loyalty cards work?

Loyalty cards are often part of a larger marketing strategy known as a loyalty program. In this system, customers receive a physical or digital loyalty card that lets them earn points, rewards, or discounts with each purchase. 

When the card is scanned during a transaction, customers accumulate points that they can redeem later. To make it even more accessible, some customers can share their loyalty card details, like an email address or phone number, at checkout to earn loyalty points.

What types of rewards can you offer with loyalty cards?

The rewards offered by loyalty cards are determined by the earning rules of the brand's loyalty program. These rewards may include monetary incentives like discounts, cashback, and gift cards, as well as non-monetary perks such as exclusive event invitations, special workshops, and more.

What are the benefits of loyalty cards?

Providing customers with loyalty cards as part of the brand's loyalty program comes with various advantages, such as:

1. Enhanced customer loyalty

Loyalty cards are crucial for building customer loyalty. They provide a structured way to reward and retain customers. The tangible benefits from loyalty programs create a strong bond between the brand and its customers, fostering brand engagement.

2. Increased revenue through loyalty card incentives

Implementing loyalty cards helps businesses see a boost in their ROI. This happens when brands carefully plan loyalty incentives so that they not only bring in new customers but also keep the existing ones excited and coming back for more.

3. Real-time customer data insights

Loyalty cards enable brands to gain real-time insights into customer behavior and preferences. By tracking and analyzing the data generated through these programs, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies and boost overall customer satisfaction.

4. Segmentation and targeting

Loyalty programs are a great way to segment customer groups based on their preferences and purchasing patterns. This feature allows brands to tailor their marketing efforts and create personalized campaigns that resonate with specific customer segments, contributing to long-term growth.

5. Optimized efficiency through integrations

Picking the right promotional platform and connecting the loyalty card program to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Point of Sale (POS) systems improves overall efficiency. These integrations ensure the effective distribution of data resources, enhance campaign personalization, and guarantee an omnichannel experience for an improved UX. 

6. Competitive advantage

Implementing a robust loyalty card program gives businesses a competitive edge in the market. As consumers increasingly value personalized experiences, having a well-structured loyalty program sets a brand apart from competitors, attracting and retaining a loyal customer base.

How to enhance loyalty with Voucherify’s loyalty cards?

  • Establish and manage loyalty cards: Using Voucherify's user-friendly dashboard, businesses can effortlessly create unique codes that function as traceable loyalty cards. Thanks to Voucherify's flexible API, these codes can be applied in different ways, giving businesses the ability to efficiently oversee and track the performance of their loyalty programs.
  • Take advantage of versatile implementation options: Voucherify's loyalty cards include barcode and QR code versions for each generated code. This flexibility enables businesses to print physical cards, integrate them into their mobile apps, or use them directly on web applications, offering a range of implementation options.
Voucherify: Customer Loyalty Card Program
  • Create white-label loyalty cards with custom branding: Voucherify's white-label loyalty cards feature allows businesses to create customizable loyalty cards with a UI that reflects their brand. This includes configuring rewards, expiration dates, and other parameters, ensuring a tailored, brand-specific experience. 
  • Guarantee omnichannel involvement: Voucherify ensures a complete omnichannel approach, helping businesses integrate loyalty rewards and incentives across online and offline channels. This guarantees a consistent and convenient experience for customers, maximizing engagement and convenience.

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