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What is a loyalty card?

A loyalty card, also known as a customer loyalty card or reward card, is a marketing tool used by businesses to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases. It is issued by a business to its customers as part of a loyalty program. Typically,  it is a plastic card that can be swiped or scanned at the point of sale to track a customer's purchases and reward them with discounts, free products, or other perks based on their spending habits and loyalty to the business.

How does a loyalty card system work?

Loyalty card system works by providing customers with a loyalty card or program that allows them to earn points, rewards, or discounts on their purchases. Every time the card is scanned, the customer earns points that can be redeemed later. The accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards, including discounts, cash-back offers, material rewards, and so on. The rewards are based on the brand’s loyalty program. The system also provides brands with valuable data about their customers’ behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve their marketing efforts and enhance customer satisfaction.

The key benefits of Voucherify’s loyalty card system:

Here are some of the key advantages of loyalty card system:

  1. Customer management: Loyalty card system allows you to create and manage customer profiles. This helps to keep track of customer purchases, preferences, and behavior, which can be used to provide personalized rewards and promotions.
  2. Customer identification:  Loyalty cards let you identify your customers by their codes/e-mail addresses/ or other attributes.
  3. Points and rewards tracking: The loyalty card system enables to award points to customers for their purchases or other desired behaviors. Customers can accumulate points and redeem them for rewards, such as discounts or free products.
  4. Segmentation and targeting: Loyalty cards system gives you the ability to segment customers based on various attributes such as demographics, purchase history, and behavior. This helps targeting specific customer groups with relevant promotions and rewards.
  5. Analytics and reporting: You can get an insight into real-time analytics and reporting on the performance of loyalty programs, allowing you to track customer engagement, revenue generated, and more.
  6. Integrations: The loyalty card system can be integrated with other systems such as POS, CRM, and eCommerce platforms.
  7. Loyalty card as a payment method:  If you choose the pay with points option in your loyalty campaign, your clients can pay with their loyalty cards in the same way as if they had a gift card. What’s more, Voucherify allows you to limit how much a customer can spend with such a card.

How to use a loyalty card feature with Voucherify?

In Voucherify, a loyalty card can be created and managed using the platform's user-friendly dashboard. Our system generates a code that will serve as a loyalty card and, thanks to your API and flexibility, you can implement them in any way you want. As each of our generated codes has barcode and QR versions, you can print them out, utilize them in your app, or use them on your web application.

Voucherify loyalty card

Besides, Voucherify's white-label loyalty cards feature allows businesses to create customizable loyalty cards with their own branding. This way, businesses can create and customize loyalty cards to meet their specific needs, including setting rewards, expiration dates, and other parameters. Customers can sign up for a loyalty card program either in-store or online, and once they have registered, they can start accumulating rewards or points for their purchases. The rewards can be redeemed for discounts or other benefits, depending on the brand’s  loyalty program rules.

Using Voucherify's loyalty card feature, brands can track customer activity, analyze customer behavior, and fine-tune their loyalty programs to optimize customer engagement and loyalty. The platform also offers a range of integrations with other marketing tools and systems, making it easy for businesses to incorporate loyalty cards into their broader marketing strategy.

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